Every time I’m down, you can make it right…

Resident sweet heart of our family is 5 and a half months!  She came to my house for the day with my sister and my mom this week and we all hung out while Stella entertained us for the day.  It was kind of funny that when she first got to my house I had a little bit of work to finish up and she sat and watched me the whole time….like she was just waiting for me to put the work away and PLAY!  Well we did play…but only after a few photos of course!  Stella loves to watch trees when she’s laying on the floor and with my big windows and forrest behind the house it’s perfect for tree watching…it just means I have to be extra silly for her to look at my camera instead of the trees 🙂


Stella_5mos__001 copy

Stella_5mos__002 copy

Stella_5mos__005 copy

Stella_5mos__015 copy

Stella_5mos__055 copy

Stella_5mos__059 copy

Stella_5mos__061 copy

Stella_5mos__062 copy

Stella_5mos__068 copy

Stella_5mos__069 copy

Stella_5mos__073 copy

Stella_5mos__110 copy

Stella_5mos__112 copy

Stella_5mos__114 copy

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