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Your love is sweeter than ice cream

Asha_606 copy

When I first started emailing with Leah about Asha’s birthday session she told me since Asha was a sumer baby she wanted to do an “ice cream smash” instead of a cake smash and I was instantly on board!  Who doesn’t love ice cream?!  Well actually it was frozen yogurt and Leah and Daivin weren’t sure if Asha would like it because she had never had it before!  Well…she like it and she did such a good job holding such a big ice cream cone!

But before we dug into the ice cream we had to take some family shots of course!!  So we head to a path close to Leah and Daivin’s house that she had found earlier that week.  I love all the family shots from this shoot, you can just feel the love between these three!  Asha clearly adores her mom and dad!  It was very cute how she would often just lean right back and cuddle into her dad, or peak around her dad’s shoulder to get a glance at her mom.  So sweet.



Asha_103 copy

Asha_053 copy

Asha_116 copy


Asha_183 copy


Asha_204 copy

Asha_212 copy


Asha_320 copy


Asha_345 copy

Asha_384 copy

Asha_400 copy

Asha_434 copy

Asha_456 copy

Asha_512 copy


Asha_520 copy

Asha_538 copy


Asha_625 copy

Asha_756 copy

Asha_785 copy




Asha_1030 copy



Asha_1049 copy


Asha_1088 copy

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