And we were dancing, dancing like we’re made of starlight

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Overheard during this shoot:

Becky: “i’ve taken pictures of Abby since she was little, we go WAY back!”
Abby: “it’s true, she took pictures of me when I had a boy haircut”

True story.  I have taken pictures of Abby since she was just a kiddo in elementary school…but she never had a boy haircut!  She was always just as cute as can be, and i’d show you except those pics are in my film portfolio in my parents basement! Yup, film!  It’s been that long!

Abby has always been such a happy and friendly person and that hasn’t changed one bit in all the years I have known her.  She lives just down the street from my parents house in Winkler and whenever I see her she always has the biggest smile on her face.  Abby has one of those infectious personalities and you just can’t help but to be happy when you’re around her!  Apart from her lovely personality Abby is also an extremely talented athlete and has done a lot of travelling with her involvement in volleyball AND to round it off and make this girl the whole package she is also so smart!  This week Abby graduated with distinction and many scholarships and bursaries to her name!  In the fall she will take on the great adventure of attending Asper School of Business (represent!) at the University of Manitoba!!

Abby was simply a bombshell in her grad dress the day of the shoot!  She rocked that gold dress like nobody’s business!  She had a lovely team of ladies to help her get ready, some of my fave in the business!  Tracy Bueckert worked her make-up magic for Abby and her gorgeous up-do was courtesy of Jayci Elias at Salon Chop.  Tagging along for the evening was her handsome boyfriend Austin who provided lots of laughs and entertainment for the evening.  These two are so cute together!  What a fun evening we had!  The crew came in from Winkler for the shoot and we had a blast touring around some of my favourite locations!  We even found blossoms and a field full of dandelions! Which I thought was such a perfect thing for this shoot….a field of wishes….wishes for Abby’s future!

Abby – I have so enjoyed capturing you as you have grown up over the years, you have grown up into such an amazing woman!  With your love for life and your kind and friendly personality you are sure to do great things in your future!  I can’t wait to see what adventures you take on in your future!  I hope you had an amazing time at your grad!

Prepare for LOTS of gorgeousness!  Enjoy!



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Things are heating up for the summer!  Oodles of new sessions coming to the blog and teasers on Facebook!

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