You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Over the past three months my family and I have all become quite smitten by this sweet little lady….her little voice, her big smiles and her little personality.  She loves her play mat, loves to “talk” and much to her auntie Julie’s dismay she LOVES the birds on her swing.

Stella brought out the big smiles for us during this shoot….and all it took was us taking off her pants! lol.  She loves to have those legs free!

Happy 3 months to Stella!  Can’t wait for all the fun we will have together this summer!!

Stella_3 Mos_071 copy

Stella has a number of shopaholic aunties in her life….this adorable little Gap ensemble is from her Auntie Tam <3


Stella_3 Mos_034 copy


“Help!  I’m falling!”  We had a good laugh over this….no worries, Stella had a good laugh over it too 🙂


Stella_3 Mos_085 copy


Stella_3 Mos_102 copy

Stella_3 Mos_118 copy


Stella_3 Mos_167 copy


Stella_3 Mos_169 copy

Stella_3 Mos_191 copy

Stella_3 Mos_213 copy

Stella_3 Mos_217 copy

Stella_3 Mos_232 copy

Stella_3 Mos_258 copy


Stella_3 Mos_269 copy

Stella_3 Mos_294 copy

Stella_3 Mos_295 copy


Stella_3 Mos_305 copy

Stella_3 Mos_316 copy

Stella_3 Mos_334 copy

Stella_3 Mos_414 copy

Stella_3 Mos_417 copy

Stella_3 Mos_423 copy

Stella_3 Mos_430 copy

Stella_3 Mos_431 copy

Stella_3 Mos_447 copy


Stella_3 Mos_448 copy

Stay tuned for the next of many ‘Adventures with Stella’!  Like B2 Photography on Facebook!


  • great pictures!!

  • Oh Becky!!! I love these!!! You captured all her little expressions that we love so much so perfectly. ❤❤❤

  • ♥♥♥ Sweetest smiles ever!!!

  • Adorable! She has mastered the art of lounging around! Need to work on the bird thing though…

  • Great photos Becky!
    I love love LOVE her afghan! It is beautiful!

  • I always love all your pictures, but I also love all the beautiful blankets you always have! That afghan is gorgeous!

  • I would never be successful in picking a fav pic. They are all perfectly captured. Becky the baby whisperer…great work!

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