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The number one question I get asked before photo sessions is “what should we wear?”.  If you’ve emailed with me before about wardrobe you know that word coordinate…it’s in my buzz phrase for wardrobe “Don’t match, coordinate!”.  Gone are the days of matching jeans and white or black shirts for family photos…wear some colours!  It doesn’t take a genius to recognize I LOVE colour, all it takes is one look at my logo, so there is nothing I love more than showing up at shoot to see a family dressed in bright bold colours!

Don’t be afraid to mix in some patterns! Accessorize – bring along hats, bracelets or a cute scarf!  A few rules of thumb of what to avoid –  big logos and having everyone match.  Choosing your wardrobe is a time to let your kids show off their personalities!

When choosing the wardrobe for your shoot it’s important that you choose clothing that your kiddos will feel comfortable in while sitting, standing, running, rolling etc.  I will often as them to sit on the grass or cement so make sure it’s clothing you will be comfortable seeing them do this in!

There are lots of great tools for helping you decide what to wear – for starters, my blog!  Scroll through and see what other families are wearing. OR head on over to Pinterest and check out the oodles of ideas posted there.  I even have a board dedicated to “What to Wear“.  Also, i’m always up for helping with this task so also don’t be afraid to send me an email, I’ve had a client or two send me pictures of the wardrobe they were deciding between and I loved being able to help!

When choosing your wardrobe for summer shoots add some colour….I dare you!

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