you have no idea just how sweet it can be

Stella is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up with the blog posts!!  These pics are from one of our Saturday dates when she was just a month old.  Since Stella has been born I have hardly missed a weekend with her.  I must say, I was smart to take a few months off this winter because I have been able to fully enjoy this sweet little girl and I haven’t missed the work one bit 🙂  I love our weekends together – this particular weekend my parents were in Mexico so I spent pretty much the whole weekend at my sisters house – it was so fun (hopefully my sister thought so too, lol).  My favorite thing is putting Stella to sleep – it’s like a game.  One she’s not very good at yet and I always win! Te he.  Victory is sweet because it always ends with a cuddle.

Last weekend before I left I went to go put Stella down in her crib so my sister could take a nap and Stella woke up…I told my sister “just leave her – she’ll fall asleep”.  When I got back to Winnipeg my sister texted me that Stella fell back asleep and had a great nap…my response?  “I taught her that” 😉

Stella_1608 copy

Stella_1632 copy


Stella_1641 copy

Stella_1644 copy


Stella_1592 copy

Stella_1590 copy


Stella_1597 copy


Stella_1685 copy


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  • I look forward to every single weekend!! I think you need to come back and teach her how to fall asleep in her crib right now lol

  • I love you auntie B xoxo

  • Ok. This is so much fun watching Stella grow up through Becky’s beautiful pictures!!!! I love her in those bold stripes!

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