Baby you, you got my sunshine

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I was at Sean and Sarah’s house for Cavell’s newborn shoot!    Since then we’ve marked some milestone’s in Cavell’s life with various shoots and now I have the privilege of introducing you to Sean, Sarah and Cavell’s new little man in their lives – Nixon!

It was a snowy snowy morning when I ventured out to their place and while it was cold outside it was nice and toasty inside the perfect temp for a new little man to be hanging out in his diaper!  Just like Cavell at her newborn session Nixon was a dream to work with!  At 5 days new he was sleepy, sleepy, sleepy!  The atmosphere in their house that day was so relaxed  – I set up for photos in the dining room and Sarah brought me Nixon and besides checking in on him every now and then, they just let me do my thing.  This kind of trust that they placed in me just made me feel so incredibly lucky to have them as clients!  By just going on about their day as I worked it also allowed me a peak into their daily lives and these family pictures truly imitate their life – this household is SO full of love and fun and laughs!  The love the Cavell showed to her brother during this shoot is no surprise to me because it’s the same kind of love her parents show her and show her with her brother.

Enough of me blabbing….enjoy this smiley little man and his gorgeous family!  Welcome here Nixon!!


Nixon_084 copy

Nixon_105 copy


Nixon_123 copy

Nixon_145 copy

Nixon_166 copy

Nixon_184 copy

Nixon_195 copy

Nixon_204 copy


Nixon_225 copy

Nixon_229 copy

Nixon_237 copy

Nixon_240 copy

Nixon_247 copy

Nixon_264 copy

Nixon_269 copy

Nixon_273 copy

Nixon_278 copy

Nixon_314 copy


Nixon_362 copy


Nixon_394 copy


Nixon_491 copy

Nixon_498 copy


Nixon_546 copy

Nixon_565 copy


Nixon_509 copy




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