Can’t you feel that sunshine telling you to hold tight

The end of September handed us the PERFECT day for spending some time outside for family photos….the leaves were just starting to get painted in those fall colours and there were still all safely attached to the trees.  The sun was shining and when we head out that evening it was just starting to dip below the tops of the trees giving us that lovely evening light. Pretty much a photographers dream!

I LOVE these photos so much, and part of that probably just runs over from my love for this family – those of you who are regular blog readers know that Kara is my partner in crime over at Jack and Ruby Photography and this is our new fun little fall tradition to get her and her family in front of my camera.  Her little girlies are so sweet….Ellen was pretty relaxed, just hanging out and even sleeping by the end of the session.  Sarah on the other hand is always the entertainer, working the camera with her gorgeous blue eyes and her many different expressions.  Once the girls had enough (or fell asleep) we even had some time to capture some images of Kara and Dwayne and a few of just Kara since she was lookin’ like such a babe!!

This family was perfectly styled and coordinating right down to the gorgeous blanket from SugarScout!

“i’m outta here!”

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  • These are stunning! Kara you look SO beautiful. WOWZAS!

  • Love these pictures!!! They look amazing!!

  • What a beautiful family! Such adorable girlies. Kara you look GORGEOUS!!

  • Love this family and love these photos!! Kara you look amazing! I just love every single one, Becky. Great job!

  • These pictures are so beautiful!!! The little girls are adorable!! I love them all! Kara, you look so HOT!! Love them!! Great job Becky! 🙂

  • These made me cry they are so beautiful. Kara, you’re seriously a babe!!!!

  • Golly I love this family! Kara, you are looking amaaaazing! I love Sarah’s little brown shorts. Super adorable! Amazing job capturing this lovely family, Becky.

  • Great job, Becky!! You captured the beauty of this family so well! Go Kara, go! You are so lovely…and your precious family is so fantastic-looking 🙂

  • Beautiful pics of sweet little Ladies! Great photos, Becky!

  • Looking at these again tonight and just can’t get enough! I love them SO, SOOOOO much Becky! Thanks so much for these beautiful images of my precious little family. I will cherish these for as long as I live! Can’t wait to put these up on my bare living room wall.

  • WOW!!
    Kara you look amazing!!
    Great job Becky!!

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