Loving you is elementary, it’s easier than 1-2-3

When Lynda and I were planning a location for this shoot we were brainstorming and I listed a few places as options and one of them sparked something that made Lynda realize we had the perfect location just waiting for us in her own sisters back yard!  When I pulled up at the yard I was instantly giddy when I saw some old run down buildings, big trees, wooden fences, my favorite kind of country spot!….so many options and didn’t even make it around to all of them!  We will definitely be visiting again in the future!  I wish I could just transplant the yard to Winnipeg so I could shoot there ALL the time!

We had such a relaxing afternoon visiting, snapping, watching Reid dig into his candy that he got at the parade that morning.  When this family gets together in front of the camera they are so good at ignoring me and paying all the attention to their kids…I love it and the fun natural family pictures that come out of it.

Sweet little Beth has grown even more cute since the last time we saw her!  Chubby six month limbs (my fave!), sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair just like her big brother!  It was so easy to get her to smile, I think all it took was for me to smile at her!  She was happy as can be, especially when her brother was near!  These two are so cute together, Reid smothers her with love and hugs and it’s really cute to see in the pictures whenever Reid is near Beth is often reaching out to him.  Awe.


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