We built a yard with a garden in the middle of it

After postponing our first date for this photo shoot due to rain we finally got a BEAUTIFUL evening for this shoot last week.  I met Marcia and Rich at Bird’s Hill Park for the shoot and once my nerves had settled after  a dog snuck up on me during the walk to our location we kicked off an amazing night of photos! (they witnessed my fear first hand!)

Marcia and Rich are expecting their first baby and these pics show just how excited they are!  We spent the evening talking about baby names, building houses, travelling and we also spent a LOT of time laughing!  A lot of the laughs may have been at me as I stiffened up and my eyes grew wide after each time I heard a rustle in the bushes….I was SO sure there was a cougar or something just waiting to jump out at me but Rich assured me it was just a squirrel.



  • SO VERY CUTE! I looooove that rickity house in the background 🙂

  • cute!! love the polka dot dress and the bridge location : )

  • Aw, these make me smile. 🙂

  • Aw, I love them Becky! Thanks again! We had a blast!

  • what beautiful shots! you can feel their excitement! the ‘twins’ shot gave me a chuckle! 🙂

  • Beautiful! I love them all, you both look so happy….

  • I love the photos with the old building. The photos are beautiful. A great memento of an amazing time in your lives.

  • Awesome! You guys look terrific and so happy! I love the pictures on the bridge and the picture on the colourful blanket!!

  • Love the pictures! You look amazing!

  • I got emotional looking at these photos of Marcia and Rich.. So beautiful. 🙂
    It’s hard to choose just one favorite, but in the top 3 is the one when marcia is leaning her head on rich and he’s got his back turned, side profile. What a handsome couple!

  • ♥! Every photo put a smile on my face. You both look wonderful. And the photographer did an amazing job 🙂

  • Beautiful pics! Makes me wish I had done something like it when I was pregnant with Noah!

  • What absolutely gorgeous pictures. You look beautiful!

  • WOWEE, those are so lovely shots! Such a nice keepsake for your baby!

  • These pictures are amazing!

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