I threw a wish in the well, don’t ask me, i’ll never tell

I had grand plans for blogging this week, but with my ballet recital mid week that didn’t leave me many evenings for blogging!  But this rainy Saturday that we’ve been left with gives me a good excuse to stay inside, hide from the rain and get some work done!  The last sunny Saturday that we had I spent with the lovely Dufour family for a fun summer shoot!  We started the session out at the school where Jordyn, Jack and Ruby’s grandma went as a girl.  We all found it pretty entertaining that the back of the school had a door for the girls and another door for the boys and they actually used to make the boys and girls go in those separate doors!  After some fun at the school we headed to the park and pulled out some lemons and limes to keep the kiddos entertained!!  We all know kids love balls to throw and play with but sometimes they are not the most stylish things to have in pictures….fruit totally takes care of that!!  Love the colour the lemon and limes added to this shoot!!  Jordyn was also pretty excited to snack on some of the slices I had cut up before the shoot 🙂

As always, it was a total pleasure to have these kids in font of my camera!  Each of them has such a distinct and different personality and it’s fun to see that come out in their photos!  These little ones are ALWAYS crowd pleasers on the blog, so without any further chatter from me, ENJOY their cute little faces!!


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