As we go on, we remember…

Even though it’s been almost 11 years (gosh, I can hardly believe it), I remember the time leading up to my high school graduation like it was yesterday.  I remember spending HOURS in the gym with my friends stringing snowflakes from the roof, constructing a snow castle and turning the gym into our winter wonderland.    I remember being SO excited for the adventures that were before me!  Meet Amber….she is in that home stretch leading up to her very own graduation!  This Miss is SO uber talented that she is graduating a year early!!  I can only image what her future holds for her, with her smarts and dedication she is sure to accomplish so many great things!

We had such a fun night together!  She showed up for the shoot in her gorgeous grad dress(check back for those in a couple weeks after her grad!) and we checked out a few locations before we had a wardrobe change to something a little more casual.  I was SO excited to see her little polka dot dress because it fit so perfectly for the retro looking motel I had picked out for her – I was so excited to shoot here…I had been eyeing it and saving it for the perfect shoot!

Make-up: Tracy Bueckert 
Hair: Mavis Doell @ Salon CHOP


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