I’ve got no strings to hold me down

It hadn’t been too long since the last time I saw Reid so when he jumped out of the truck on the morning of the shoot we picked up right where we left off, chatting about his birthday party (he had a Winnipeg Jets cake) and what he watched on the drive in from Winkler (Shrek, and his favourite character is Pinocchio).  This little guy is ALWAYS entertaining and he did not disappoint on this morning!  I followed him around as he explored and “hung out” on the rails in the skywalk, we raced his Bumblebee Transfomer back and forth, we talked about his favourite shoes and all kinds of other fun stuff.  There is so much to love about Reid – his blue eyes, his dimples, his great big smile, his “cheese smile”, how he says “i’m a real boy!” just like pinocchio….he is so sweet and SO loving….he loves his little sister Beth, his mom and his dad oh.so.much and you can see it how he smiles at them and how he runs to them when he bumps his head and needs a kiss to make it all better.

Can’t wait for my next shoot with this fan to mark Beth’s six months!  Enjoy these pics of this blue eyed heartbreaker 🙂


  • Stink! These are awesome! You never fail to capture a child’s fun quirky character and personality. Fantabulous job!!!

  • Ohhhh Becky!! I had a feeling that this would be my favorite shoot yet and I was so right!! You may have to choose my prints for our house because I can not choose a favorite! Thanks so much for such great memories

  • These pics are just soooooooo AMAZING! I love every one of them! Seriously everytime I see Reid and Beth’s pictures I am just in awe of how you campture their personality’s!!! I just love these pics!!! 😀 Great job!

  • WOW….LOVE LOVE them all!!!! I ecspecially love the family pics! They are all amazing!!

  • Very cute!
    Blue-eyed blonds get me every time!

  • I adore these Becky. You captured Reid’s fun sweet personality perfectly! Also love the one of mom with Beth and Dad with Beth!

  • he is adorable!!!!

  • Love these pics! Their blues eyes are amazing.

  • Great pictures, looks like everybody had fun!!

  • Reid and Bethany make me smile in these pictures!
    Great job Becky!!!

  • This is a FABULOUS shoot Becky! The colors sure make all those beautiful blue eyes pop! LOVE them all!

  • LOVE the colors!!
    What a beautiful family!

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