My funny valentine….you make me smile with my heart…

Shortly after I posted a teaser picture to this shoot my fabulous gal pal Erika sent me a message and it said “its funny that for as long as I’ve know you you dislike the ra ra surrounding Vday…yet you produce these uhMAZING styled shoots in honor of the occasion!!”  She’s right.  I do hate the ra ra surrounding Valentines Day and I still think it’s a silly Hallmark holiday…I think that it’s so much more special when Chris surprises me with cupcakes and a card on any day other than Valentines day…a day where he’s doing it because he loves me…not because he’s expected to do something.  BUT lets be honest I love pink. And hearts. And all things girly.  In short, I love all the pretty things that come out for Valentines day and I LOVE putting together “daydream” shoots like this, so I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by!  I called up three little models and begged them to pose for me….after a lot of begging (ok, not really) I had three little ladies travelling to the studio to meet me for this session.  Their mom packed up their bags with lots of fun clothes, new Chuck Taylors and the prettiest cookies i’ve ever seen (yup, she made them!) and we had a party!!!  Opps, I mean photoshoot, we had a photoshoot……but it sure felt like a party!

Today’s Valentines Day post is honour of the love between sisters!  Whether it’s your sister by birth, or your sister from another mister don’t forget to share the love today with the fabulous girls/women in your life!

Happy Love Day!!

P.S.  Don’t you just LOVE the paper heart garland??  After seeing paper garland on Pinterest I knew I HAD to have some…and when I imagined making it myself I usually imagined a disaster.  Lucky for me I found this lovely little store on Etsy called Yellow Bird,  Yellow Beard and Janee made me this perfect paper garland.  You MUST check out her store – paper garland makes a perfect added touch for photoshoots!


  • Now THIS is Valentines Day.I love the pics,I love my kids,I love Becky and her creative heart and mind.I love that i have memories that will always be here to look at.Its a lovely day checking out your blog and be welcomed with such gorgeousness.I love that God sent me a photographer angel….

  • Each picture left me giggling a little bit more. These girlies are gorgeous and so You are one talented Photog.♥

  • Could those girls BE any cuter?! Great pictures, just amazing. I love your unique photography style . . . so whimsical and lighthearted. Plus, those are CUTE outfits that those girlies are wearing!

  • These pictures are amazing! Great Job!!

  • These are amazing!!! I love them all! The girls are so beautiful and it has been so fun watching them grow up through the years you have photographed them.
    Love the new website design!!!

  • I LOVE these sweet faces and your shoots with them are always SO delightful and my absolute favorite! Keep up the amazing work my darling! 🙂

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