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After popular demand (okay, only one friend has been bugging me about it…that make it sort of popular right?) Web Wendesday is back!!  My love for the internet has not subsided over the years, I just kind of forgot about doing these posts.  So my first post back is about website you’ve probably heard some buzz about in recent times because it seems as though EVERYONE is talking about Pinterest!

I’ve been addicted since the summer…it was on Pinterest where I first lay eyes on my dream Tory Burch boots and after that I was HOOKED!  I love Pinterest because it’s a way for me to keep all kinds of ideas organized without having hundreds of extra papers lying on my desk (believe me….it needs no more papers piling up on it!) and it eliminates those extra folders on my hard drive (i’m kind of the “empty space police” on my laptop…I hate having a full hard drive!).  I am even proud to say that i’ve completed a couple of Pinterest projects….one being a a special Christmas Standout I made for my sister!

I’ve been pinning and pinning and pinning for months and now i’m here to share it with YOU and invite you to pin and to take a glimpse at my ‘Pin Boards’ they are full of useful things for YOU and planning for your B2 Shoots!  I have boards for wardrobe ideas, suggestions of what you can bring along to your shoots, inspiration for wall galleries when you’re ready to display your images in your home and even colour palette ideas to help with picking colours for your birth annoucements or greetings!  FUN FUN FUN!

Here is the link to my Pinterest….what’s the link to your Pinterest??  It’s so much fun to find new followers 🙂

Happy Pinning!!



  • I LOVE pinterest. Am also trying to be disciplined to try things and not just pin. It is awesome.

  • Web Wednesday is BACK! Yea!
    I too <3 Pinterest although it's addictive qualities sometimes take over and I realize hours have past where I've done nothing but post new recipes to my boards! Less time pinning and more time cooking & tasting, I say!

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