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Since the last time we saw this family they’ve added another member!!  Jonah a whole year older and a whole year grown up…he stepped out of the van and was talking my ear off letting me know…he had a juice box and treats in the van if he was good at the shoot (yes folks, bribes work!).  And yup, he sure was good during the session!  And so was his sweet little sister Caris!  Who I heard was a serious little lady but we did manage to get some smiles from her!  How jealous are you of her amazing eye lashes??

Check out this sweet family 🙂

This is probably one of my favorite shots from the session, I love how Jonah is holding Caris’s hand and I LOVE how Pam is looking at Bryan. 🙂

I had to include this cute outtake!  Pam was ticking Caris with that long piece of grass and apparently it was bugging Jonah 😉 he he.

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