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It was the perfect fall day when I met up with these three kiddos for some pictures!  But before we could head outside we had to take some time to play in Gabby’s adorable new pink and Paris themed bedroom!  It is a little girls paradise and she was happy to show me her make-up, her bracelets, her teddy bear and her unicorn!  After some time playing with the girl stuff we head out to the park and Alexander and Maxim had some fun showing off their baseball gear!  Finally we ended things off with some family shots….and what might be some of my favourite family shots of the fall!  I love all the giggles and fun they were having! They were singing songs, eating marshmallows, ticking each other and the laughs just kept on coming!

HUGE thank-you’s to mom, Lise, who painted the chairs for the shoot!  A month or so before the shoot Lise emailed me and asked if there was anything she could get ready or any props she could get for the shoot.  I’ve had this vision for such a long time of the three colored chris on a path and this was the perfect time to try it out!  I was SO excited and I am so happy with how it turned out!  A real team effort!

One more huge  THANK-YOU to Lise’s mom who came along on the shoot to dance around and act silly behind me!  She did such a great job and i’m sure you can tell that by the HUGE smiles on all three of the kids faces!

Enough with the chit-chat onto some photos of this adorable family!

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