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Ohhh where to start with these 3 ladies…..actually make that 4, I have 4 people to gush about for this shoot.   Four years ago I had little experience shooting kids and in an effort to change that I said to my sister “hey, can you ask your friend Susanne if I can take pictures of her girls” and I am so glad I had the gutts to do it, because it started one of my favorite yearly traditions!  When I think back to my first shoot with these girls, I can’t help but giggle about a few things….little Emily was so shy, and I think she only liked me because I gave her gum. 😉  She was so little and now, the girl who used to not speak gives me ideas, tells me what shots she think would work great and pretty much talks my ear off!  Myla is still sweet as ever!  I’ll never forget the purple tutu she wore at our first shoot and the dance moves she showed me on the beach!  She is always SO polite and kind to her sisters, you can see she loves them so much!  And those dimples?!  Ahh, they just melt my heart!  And then there’s Natalie….who was missing her two front teeth the first time I took her picture 🙂  I’ll never forget the sweet shoes and leg warmers she wore to that first shoot, I told her I wanted some like hers and I think that won her over!  She was the leader of the pack then and still is now.  Big sister, always on the lookout for her little sisters.  I love it when she gets the giggles during our shoots, once she starts she just can’t stop! Laughter is contagious and when she starts all her sisters start…all I have to do to get these girlies to giggle is say “look at your sisters” and for some reason just looking at each other brings out the giggles, the jokes, the tickles…I love it!!!
This is one shoot I scheme and dream all year for, I save up my ideas and send them to Susanne who works her magic and brings the ideas to life with her special loving touch.  She is so creative and so imaginative!  One of the things I love so much about our shoots is watching her as she see’s her girls laughing, enjoying and playing in the little world she created just for them. It’s so hard for me to walk away at the end of our shoots, I could snap and snap and snap.  I never want them to end because it means I have to wait 365 more days to do it again.

Thanks to the little ladies for stepping in front of my camera and thanks to Susanne for trusting me with capturing her girls year after year.  Love you all!!!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!!

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  • Oh my gosh!! This is the best shoot you have ever done!! So much fun to look at. You can totally tell the fun and adorable personalities in each of these girls!! Susanne you should be SO proud of your beautiful girls!!

  • Becky Becky Becky. These are stunning. STUNNING. You don’t know how fast I clicked over here from fb once I saw that this post was up!!! These photos are amazing, and I LOVE how you put your heart & soul into your sessions. How special is that?!! Beautiful!

  • Wow, wow, WOW!!! Becky, you are so talented. These photos are amazing…. every year you shoot my favourite girlies I wonder how the next year can be better and every year you manage to out do yourself! I love how you captured their sisterly bond, and their personalities so perfectly. Can’t wait for next year! 🙂

  • goodness goodness GOODNESS!!!!! I hardly have the words to tell u how i feel.The shoot was just beyond what id hoped for! My heart was pounding as i looked at the pics.FABULOUS,Becky,you are the greatest of all photographers and a very special friend to us!thank you.

  • this is the best shoot ever! can you find the goat? i love the pictures.

  • It’s like Where’s Waldo isn’t it? I wonder how many people will find the goat 🙂

  • Makes me wish I had sisters 🙁 ….Great shoot Becky!

  • WOW!!! So amazing. Love this shoot. Absolutely stunning!

  • WOW, these pics are stunning! Great job Becky 🙂

  • speeeechless !!!!! these are so incredible!!!

  • Becky, you have truly outdone yourself! These photos are simply amazing! The girls, the colours, the fun, I can’t figure out what is my fave!

  • Amazing! I love, love, love the set up. Beautiful girls.

  • Wow; these pics are AMAZING!!!! I especially love the ones where they all have the bundle of balloons in front of them:)

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