♥ Six Month Sweetie

About a week before this shoot I talked to Cavell’s dad and he told me “Cavell’s in training camp” WHAT? “Cavell’s in training camp for sitting” and then he reported to me that she was very close to sitting and would sometimes do it for a few seconds and then slowly start to fall forward.  Well come Saturday morning, Cavell’s training camp had paid off and she sat like a pro for her pictures, I mean, just look at her posture!  She sits better than most of us do!  🙂

It’s no secret I love six month sessions. I mean I really love them – love love love them.  What’s not to love?  Babies on their tummy’s, babies on their back, babies sitting, snuggling with mom and dad….all good stuff and the whole time they’re never running away from my camera…JOY!  Cavell just turned 6 months and she is 100% sweet…like melt your heart sweet!  Her perfect big, round eyes, her perfect lips, her slightly red hair, the camera just loves this girl!  And so do her mom and dad!  I left this session with such a huge smile on my face because I felt so lucky to capture this family and give them memories to hang onto that capture them at this special moment in time with their baby girl.  I really hope these pictures show the love I saw between all of them at the shoot!

This is quite the marathon of a blog post!  I had such a hard time narrowing it down for the sneak peek, I probably had material for 3 blog posts!!  Enjoy!!

This one melts my heart 🙂

This right here is what I loooove about six month sessions!  Playing with feet!

This next series on the blanket are a few of my favorites..

“oh my goodness, I can sit!”

“look how good at it I am!”

*sigh* how beautiful are these two?!

Love this one, something about how she’s holding on to her mom so tight makes it so special!

And the beautiful family to end things off!

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  • Becky…these truly are 3 of my favourite people in the entire world and you did an amazing job at capturing the luv they all have for eachother! Awesome pics!

  • These photos are truly amazing Becky!! The b+w one (#6 I think) is my absolute favourite! I love the sweet moment between mom and babe! 🙂

  • The most beautiful daughter and grand-daughter we could ever ask for, and a very handsome son-in-law too. A beautiful family we are so proud of! Thanks Becky, the photos are amazing!

  • These pictures are amazing, I love them all. Cavell is so adorable!! I love her to pieces.

  • Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.

  • Wow, you really captured a beautiful family Becky – inside and out. You are very talented with that camera! 🙂

  • These photos are all so special, Becky! My faves are the b+w ones with Cavell and Sarah…simply beautiful!

  • Pictures are gorgeous . Subjects are gorgeous-er!

  • Beautiful pics Becky! I love the one with the caption “oh my goodness, I can sit!” and the b+w one of Sarah & Cavell.
    Too bad Cavell’s dad is a piece of work… 😉

  • Beautiful. Amazing shots Becky!

  • These pictures are sooooo cute. Cavell is adorable.

  • Love all of them, I was smiling through the whole post. I love all the sitting ones.

  • Wow these are awesome! You guys have such a beautiful family!

  • These are adorable. Cavell is priceless

  • Amazing pictures! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. And how happy she is!!

  • Love, love, love! Little heartbreaker on your hands!

  • beautiful pictures! <3

  • These are great shots!!! Love them!

  • Love the pics! Fabulous as always, Becky! Such an adorable family.

  • Great photos!! She is such a sweetie and you all look soooo happy 🙂

  • Wow!! Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Absolutely beautiful pictures! Cavell gets more lovely every time I see her!

  • Priceless, totally enchanting

  • So fantastic! Wow, great 6 month and family session!

  • Sorry I’ m so late in leaving a reply but I have enjoyed the photos over and over again and always with such an enormous smile on my face. Of course I think the whole family is gorgeous and Cavell is such a joy to have in our lives. The photos really capture that—-very well done.

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