♥ Little Man

Before I even knocked on the door for Jack’s photo shoot I heard Birger barking from behind the door….I stood, my knees shaking a little bit while Tracy put him in the back yard and when I heard the back door close I knew it was safe for me to go inside.  My clients are SO good to me…protecing me from their pets 🙂  When I entered I heard some squealing and little footsteps and soon Jack came running around the corner in his diaper almost all ready to go!  After a quick change we were off to Forte Whyte to enjoy the beautiful afternoon!  We had prepared for rain today and were greeted with nothing but sunshine this morning so we took advantage!  Jack ran around in his hip new monster Converse and all the other kids were jealous of his little man style!  What a cutie!  Don’t his blue eyes just melt your heart?

And last but not least, my fav family shot 🙂

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