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I’m a day dreamer.  I always have been and always will be.  I think it drove my mom nuts when I was a child because she would ask me to do something and I would go off on my way fully intending to do what she asked and my mind would start to wander and I’d find something to play with and an hour would pass and I had long forgotten what she asked me to do.  Sorry mom!  The times I day dream the most are when i’m driving, and sometimes my day dreams help me to create and dream the perfect settings for photoshoots….and that’s how this one came about.  I could see a space full of pinwheels and a curious little girl exploring them.  Lucky for me I have amazing clients who trust my visions and Mackenzie was the perfect little girl to set this up for!  What a special thing to do for her 3 year photos!  Yes, she’s only 3 and check out her killer style, what a little fashionista!!

When Mackenzie first arrived for the session and saw all the pinwheels she asked her mom while they weren’t turning and she told her we had to wait for the wind to come….well when the wind came it was SO much fun watching Kenzie get so excited and run around watching the different pinwheels.  But you know how things are with kids, sometimes the excitement is short lived, so once we were done with the pinwheels we took a walk down a path behind us searching for bunnies, watching bumble bees and wishing on dandelions.  It was a perfect evening!

Take a small peek at the fun we had together!  Yes, 35 is small in comparison to the “keepers” from this shoot!

Running to check out the fast spinning blue one!

Little brother Owen got in on the action too, during  a little grass stain 9-1-1 😉

Love this shot! Little Miss Chatterbox was telling me all about her favorite kinds of ice cream!!

And my favorite family shot to end things off 🙂

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