♥ Say hello to Jack and Ruby

Yesterday morning, I head out into the winter wonderland and made my way to Dennis and Chantel’s house to meet their newest little additions Jack and Ruby.  As soon as I stepped into the house I was greeted by big sister Jordyn who eagerly asked me “want to see my babies?!”  and she led me to where they were sleeping (well Ruby was sleeping, Jack was just hanging out).  Just 7 days old and it’s easy to see Ruby is a little miniture Jordyn and Jack looks just like his dad, they are both so cute!  A house filled with 3 adorable children…what blessed parents!

My favorite thing about newborn shoots is that they are on a little slower pace so I always get to chat with the parents.  During a break for feeding I sat with Chantel as she feed both of the babies at once, and I couldn’t help but sit there in complete admiration of this gorgeous woman who has such a glowing, positive and realistic attitude, she’s taken having twins in stride and even went out with Jordyn this weekend for pedicures!  She has an amazing support in her husband Dennis who tag teams everything with her! I loved watching these two in action together.  Although he is out numbered, Dennis is now not the only man of the house and what a proud dad he is! Hauling out his green Roughriders blanket to have me photograph his future quarterback in!!

I have so many special photographs of my time together with this family, here are just a few of my favorites…I would share them all but I have to leave some surprises for mom and dad 🙂

Here’s Ruby!

Ruby was so sleepy during the shoot….that or we were boring her 😉

And here’s Jack!!

My favorite shot of Jack…such a sweetie.

Jordyn could barely contain her excitement as mom and dad put both Jack and Ruby in her arms…such a proud and loving big sister!

While mom and dad were trying to calm Jack a little bit Ruby didn’t let the fuss get to her, she was out cold!!

Jack and mom sharing a snuggle.

Eventually Jack fell asleep too 🙂 using his sister as a pillow, he he.


  • Becky, you have completely outdone your self yet again! These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for spending time with us we love having you be a part in this very special time!

  • Wow, the kleenex box is getting a workout today! Becky thank you for capturing our family at this amazing time in our lives with such wonderful photos. We are truly blessed to have our 3 beautiful children and look forward to our family pictures with you for many years to come.

  • awww Becky these are fantastic and so very very sweet. Beautiful Family!

  • Wow Becky, you did a fabulous job at capturing the real Jack and Ruby! I LOVE the “Jack using Ruby as a pillow” pics!!

  • Absolutely beautiful!! Chantal and Dennis you ARE truly blessed! You have a beautiful family!

  • Beautiful pictures, but even more beautiful family!

  • These are so beautiful, I love the ones with Jack using Ruby as a pillow and the ones with Jordyn and Mom and Dad with the twins. They all bring tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  • What a way to meet the newest members of our family! Gorgeous pictures of such a wonderful family 🙂 The tears they are a flowing 🙂

  • You guys are so blessed – jordyn jack and ruby are just so darling…. Chantel and Duf you guys are both glowing… What a wonderful time for you all!!!

  • As a new mom myself, I am sitting here sobbing. Your children are so incredibly gorgeous. Such a proud sister – and the one of the twins sleeping on each other melted my heart. Thanks so much for sharing these Duf. Congrats and Hugs!

  • totally great….looking awesome!

  • Fantastic! Love the one of Jordyn holding Jack & Ruby. Beautiful family!!

  • I am soooo proud of my 3 grandchildren- and of course Chantel and Dennis. What a beautiful family! Absolutely fantastic pictures!

  • Oh my gosh – what a beautiful family and the
    pictures showing the pride and happiness in
    all of you. Those new great grandkids are
    absolutely adorable. Thanks for this heart
    warming view!

  • Great job everyone.Fnally a little brother for jordyn and a little boy cousin for Jesse and a son for the family.

  • Those pictures are absolutely fabulous!!! I LOVE the ones of Jack sleeping on Ruby!!!

  • Way to go you guys. Your family looks gorgeous and happy and healthy! Great pics. Can’t wait to meet J and R.:)

  • When i read that this family named their babies JACK and RUBY,my heart melted.Beautiful names for BEAUTIFUL babies.Its just so perfect.The pics are so heavenly.

  • Becky, great job capturing these sweet twins. Beautiful pics!

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