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I’ve always envisioned taking pictures of a little boy in the middle of an auto wreckage and when Reid was born I knew this would be my chance because his dad’s family business is Skyline Auto Body in Winkler (the company I trusted my vehicle repairs with when I got in my first accident – end plug).  You could say this shoot has been in the works because when I went over for Reid’s newborn shoot two years ago, I told his parents my idea and they trusted me 100% and here we are 2 years later.

This was SUCH a fun shoot!  Mostly because Reid is SO cute and so entertaining!  He walked around checking things out and sat on tires eating candy or in other words, we bribed him to sit on tires with candy 🙂 .  He likes to wear his hood, he likes his hands in his pockets (just like his dad) and he likes to pretend he’s fixing vehicles just like his dad!

We ended the shoot off with a fun little surprise for Reid…his mom brought along his soother and gave it to him right at the end to catch his reaction. It was priceless!! He’s only allowed it at naps and bedtime so he was pretty excited to see it!

Have you ever seen such excitement?! He looooves his soother!


  • Becky! You have out done yourself. These are fabulous. So many favourites. Love the black and white family picture, the one of Reid covering his eyes, the ones of him on the tire in the Superman shirt, and of course the “doo-doo” ones. ♥ this little man!

  • What a cutie! I LOVE his t-shirt!

  • Those are so cute. They make me laugh. What a sweetheart!

  • Wow, when you said it went well that was a definite understatement! These are amazing! I wish I could photograph two year olds like this, I would take up photographing kids again!

  • Great shoot!

  • he is adorable!!
    Well done Becky!!

  • Becky, they couldn’t be more perfect!!!! Thank-you. I don’t know how I will pick my favorites to display in our house!

  • Oh these are awesome Becky! He is soo cute! Love the blue on him. I love the b/w family shot and the one where he’s sitting on the tires covering his eyes. Such a great shot!

  • I love these, they are all such great shots! The family pic where he’s got his hands in his hoody pockets, so cute and that last one is priceless!

  • He is soooooooooooooooo cute! I love these pictures! O Reid your the best!!!! 😀 I can’t even pick a favourite because their all my favourite!!!!

  • Oh my word; these pictures ROCK!!! LOVE the pic where he is sooooo joyful over getting his “prize”

  • These pictures are amazing! Can’t believe how blue his eyes are. Reid’s totally rockin’ his AE 77’s 🙂

  • Pictures look awesome! He is just such a cutie!

  • Absolutely love these pictures!!!! Especially the one wtih the soother =)

  • Awesome! What a happy kid! I love it

  • love love love every single photo:) he looks so grown up:)

  • My girlz fav little boyfriend! I counted 18 diff expressions,Becky,u r genius…kids love u! The B&W fam pic is so genuine.Pic 4 just cracks me up!Great venue,love the old van and tire rims!I`ve voted for this shoot to scoot to the top!Reid is simply irresistable!

  • Oh wow these are all so cute. Great job on taking the pictures. I love the fact that they are taken in the compound. So neat. The last pic is just super cute.

  • Too cute!! Love the ones where he’s wearing his hood! Great pics, Becky!!

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