♥ If Walls Could Talk….

Many of you will recognize this house as a house i’ve shot in before, or the house my dad grew up in, but my dad and his siblings were not the only kids to grow up in this house.  Sometime after my dad’s family moved out of the village, Kelly’s family moved in.  And while the house has been sitting empty for the last 4 years or so, there are soooooo many memories still living in that house.  If those walls could talk i’m sure they would have many stories to tell of giggling sisters learning to dance in an upstairs bedroom (and I do know that one happened for sure).

Kelly emailed me this summer familiar with pictures i’ve taken in the house and asked if we could go there for a shoot….so I booked her in for a November date.  A week later I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic when I realized I double booked her date!!  I emailed her to apologize and offer her a different date a couple weeks earlier…..lucky for us it was a happy accident because if we would have shot on the actual date (this weekend)  we would have had a foot of snow outside and i’m sure the house would have been FREEZING!

Enjoy your sneak peek Kelly and Garry!  I hope the pictures will you give you a lifelong memory of your old home!


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