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This weekend, my gal pal Erika and I planned to go out and take some photos.  Chris, aka my husband (At First Sight) just got a new camera so he decided to come along and get some video footage too, so it turned into a fun outing for a whole bunch of us.  At one point in the day I was taking pictures of Erika and Chris was beside her filming and she looks at his camera and says “this is where it all started….” and right she was…it all started with a camera, a roll of film and me and Erika in a field somewhere.

My very first job was at IGA in Winkler working in the photo lab and lucky for me working in the lab got me great discounts on cameras.   One day I decided “I should buy a camera, me and Erika could have some serious fun with one” so in 2001 I bought my first SLR film camera!  As soon as I got it Erika and I bought a couple rolls of film and went out on our first little photo-shoot.  I dropped the photos off at the lab and when I got to work the next week the girl who printed my photos asked me to take her wedding pictures!  I had shot 2 rolls of film and this girl trusted me to take her wedding photos…perhaps she was crazy…and perhaps I was too for saying yes….but I did and the rest is history.

In the beginning years, I would study Seventeen magazines looking for inspiration in ads and editorials.  Then I would drag Erika out with me and we’d spend a whole day practicing, learning about composition and taking two rolls of film and hording those frames for the best shots we could come up with.  Then we’d develop those pictures, critique them and find all the things we needed to improve on…..”we need to really start getting closer, filling up the whole frame”….and then the next shoot we’d concentrate on close ups.  Things were so different when you were limited to only as many frames as the film could hold.  We took so much care setting up each shot and it really taught us so much about getting a great shot!  Years later we still love going on those self-indulgent photoshoots where we spend hours together taking pictures of each other and get giddy about finding beautiful light or capturing the shot.

More to come of Erika but here’s just one that I luuuuuve.




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