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Once upon a time, back in my previous life as a figure skater, a very special woman entered me and my family’s lives.  I was probably about 10 when Shelley started coaching me and little did I know then that she wasn’t going to be just a coach but another member to my family.  When Shelley first enetered our lives she had one daughter who would often play in my parents basement while we were at the skating rink.  I remember vividly, coming home to find Alyx still playing away and her mom telling her it was time to clean up….then they would sing “the clean up song” together and put all the toys away….because that’s what Shelley does, she makes the most mundane things special.  I have learned so much from her, and not just how to do a mean double lutz, but lessons about life, love and family.  I have so many letters, notes and cards saved that Shelley wrote me over the years and they still bring tears to my eyes.  She has a way of using words like noone else does, she has the gift of encouragement and does such an amazing job using that gift.  If you haven’t gotten the picture already, I love love love this woman!  

Years later, i’m not a figure skater anymore, but Shelley is just as important in my life as when I was.  Today Shelley has three beautiful daughters, Alyx, Kenzie and Danika….they are the most polite, kind, happy and talkative girls.  I loved getting to spend time with them this week,the relationships between sisters are so special!  Our time shooting was very short….we got rained out at TinkerTown after about 10 pictures, but the evening was still pretty special just visiting over ice cream.  

Bright and early tomorrow Alyx leaves for her second tour with Disney on Ice and her family and so many others will miss her like crazy!  Alyx you’ve grown up so much since the little 3 year old that used to play in our basement….i’m so proud of you for living your dream!! I can’t wait until the show comes to Winnipeg….i’m guessing that i’ll be fighting for front row with the hoards of other people who love you so much!!





  • I heart this family. I have so many found and funny memories of babysitting those girls, and now they are all growed up and such beautiful girls. Great pics too, I love that second one.

  • Beautiful pictures! Beautiful girls!

  • Love the middle pic – these girls are beautiful! And what a special relationship you have had with their Mom!

  • Long time listener, first time caller.

    Can you believe I’ve never been to Tinkertown? Well believe it cuz it’s true.

    Disney on Ice?! Niiice! Way to go Alyx. Winnipeg represent! (Or Winkler, or wherever you’re from.)

  • It’s been so long since I’ve seen these girls, and I can’t believe how beautiful they are! Although really, with a mom like they have, I guess you couldn’t really expect anything different!
    And a little P.S. although I didn’t know Shelley that well, I always remember what a beautiful voice she has, and the time that I heard her doing a commercial on the radio!

  • What beautiful pictures of all the girls! This is a wonderful story too! I am so thrilled and happy that Shelley and her girls are a part of my family.

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