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a little about Becky

Hi there, I'm Becky! I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my husband Chris. I love Wikipedia, online shopping, true crime shows and General Hospital. I am inspired by rainbows, sprinkles, ice cream and all things colourful and sweet! Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Meet Becky

My one and only.

When I dropped off Stacie and Marc’s maternity photos Stacie gave me the heads up that I should be hearing some news about baby any day now!  So I wasn’t surprised when a couple of days later I got a text telling me about their new baby boy, Arie!

I was so excited to meet him and he must have been excited about his shoot too because he did not want to miss a minute of it!  He is so sweet and so loved!  You can just see the love and adoration when Marc and Stacie cuddle him, change him, feed him…..they are such naturals!  It was a pleasure to capture these images of this adorable family of 3!


Arie_293 copy

Arie_045 copy

Arie_028 copy

Arie_024 copy

Arie_075 copy

Arie_053 copy

Arie_062 copy


Arie_096 copy


Arie_107 copy

Arie_110 copy

Arie_159 copy


Arie_170 copy

Arie_176 copy

Arie_179 copy

Arie_188 copy

Arie_206 copy

Arie_236 copy

Arie_265 copy

Arie_299 copy

Arie_303 copy

Arie_270 copy

Arie_306 copy

Arie_314 copy

Arie_332 copy

Arie_353 copy

Arie_357 copy

Arie_364 copy

Arie_494 copy

Arie_421 copy


A dream is a wish your heart makes

A few weeks ago when I was in Winkler I had a fun little shoot planned with my cousins daughter Austyn!  When her mom and I started planning the shoot I instantly had the idea to bring her play tent outside.  Jayci suggested bring along some pillows and other items from her room and BOOM, we had one pretty little photoshoot! This shoot goes to show that you can find gorgeous locations almost anywhere, because we shot these beside my brother-in-laws junk pile in their back yard. Ha ha.  It’s one of my new favourite locations!

I knew this shoot was going to be lots of fun because Austyn is loads of fun!  She showed up to the shoot with her little backpack full of clothes and goodies, she even brought me some fruit snacks just in case I got hungry….or just incase she got hungry and she had finished hers already 😉 We played with princess stickers, twirled, sang songs and talked about all her favourite princesses.  Austyn told me her cousin Arie liked princesses too…I asked if she knew who Arie’s favourite princess was and Austyn answered “ME!”.  Seriously, never a dull moment with this sweetheart!

We finished up this shoot with family pics in their new house!  I love these family pics…such a fun way to document their new home before it’s finished and this will make a really neat keepsake to have on a shelf once the home is completed!


Austyn_447 copy

Austyn_128 copy


Austyn_019 copy


Austyn_168 copy


Austyn_154 copy

Austyn_196 copy



Austyn_216 copy

Austyn_243 copy

Austyn_276 copy


Austyn_325 copy


Austyn_353 copy


Austyn_388 copy

Austyn_394 copy

Austyn_409 copy

Austyn_436 copy

Austyn_464 copy

Austyn_484 copy

Austyn_501 copy

Austyn_579 copy

Austyn_596 copy


Austyn_565 copy

Austyn_538 copy

Austyn_552 copy

The hills were alive with wildflowers

You might remember Cooper from the blog a couple years ago, he was just a little dude the last time we saw him! Since then he’s moved with his family to Edmonton and became a big brother!! Lucky for me Cooper and his little sister Brynn made time for a photo shoot in their most recent trip to Winnipeg and we had so much fun!

Cooper is such a fun guy!! We talked about the Blue Jays, chased bubbles and played with swatted mosquitos. Ok the mosquito part wasn’t fun, but there were so many of them it’s burned into my memory!! Haha. Brynn was celebrating her birthday the weekend they were out so it was perfect timing for photos! She even stood on her own (cautiously! Lol) for a few pics! Such a cute smile and gorgeous eyes!

Cooper & Brynn_021 copy

Cooper & Brynn_022 copy


Cooper & Brynn_204 copy


Cooper & Brynn_046 copy

Cooper & Brynn_083 copy


Cooper & Brynn_353 copy


Cooper & Brynn_101 copy


Cooper & Brynn_120 copy

Cooper & Brynn_309 copy


Cooper & Brynn_314 copy


Cooper & Brynn_165 copy

Cooper & Brynn_213 copy

Cooper & Brynn_450 copy

Cooper & Brynn_473 copy


Cooper & Brynn_486 copy

Cooper & Brynn_520 copy

Cooper & Brynn_631 copy

Cooper & Brynn_659 copy

Cooper & Brynn_678 copy


Cooper & Brynn_588 copy


Cooper & Brynn_696 copy

I ain’t ever gonna beat this summer with you

Summer! Summer! Summer!  What says summer more than a kiddie pool full of beach balls and balloons, flamingoes, pineapples and three sweet little summer girls!  This shoot was SO much fun to plan!  It came together pretty quickly when I decided I wanted to do a summer fun shoot with three of my favourite little girls.  There are a couple DIY bloggers I follow on Instagram (@aww.sam, @studioDIY) that are such an inspiration to me…they’re always creating fun little projects and I often think….how can I make that work for a photoshoot!?  Their use of colour is on point!!  And it totally challenges me to see how I can incorporate little extra bits of coloured styling into my shoots!

Stella, Emily and Abby were the perfect little models!  Stella and Emmy had lots of fun playing with all the little props and Abby….well she just does what she does best…sits around looking CUTE!  So lucky I have these sweet girls to call upon when i’m feeling inspired and need to shoot something fun!  Their moms are always willing to bring them along to any crazy shoots I have planned!


Summer Girls_282 copy

Summer Girls_232 copy

Summer Girls_228 copy

Summer Girls_544 copy


Summer Girls_178 copy


Summer Girls_083 copy


Summer Girls_241 copy

Summer Girls_064 copy


Summer Girls_030 copy


Summer Girls_027 copy


Summer Girls_019 copy

Summer Girls_929 copy

Summer Girls_847 copy

Summer Girls_250 copy

Summer Girls_199 copy

Summer Girls_467 copy

Summer Girls_796 copy

Summer Girls_235 copy


Summer Girls_773 copy


Summer Girls_757 copy

Summer Girls_246 copy

Summer Girls_737 copy

Summer Girls_706 copy


Summer Girls_148 copy

Summer Girls_622 copy

Summer Girls_428 copy


Summer Girls_116 copy


Summer Girls_616 copy

Summer Girls_494 copy


Summer Girls_610 copy

Summer Girls_487 copy

Summer Girls_159 copy


Summer Girls_510 copy

Summer Girls_084 copy


Summer Girls_439 copy

Summer Girls_419 copy


Summer Girls_051 copy

Summer Girls_371 copy

Summer Girls_503 copy


Summer Girls_277 copy

Summer Girls_958 copy

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