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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Web Wednesday: Cara Loren

Web Wednesday copy

Pinterest is great for so any things, it helped me find my barstools, it’s great for making shopping lists and can teach you how to do some awesome hairstyles. One day this winter I was searching for a tutorial for a pretty bun(which I failed miserably at!) and I came across the blog of Cara Loren and it quickly became a bookmark on my favourites bar and a must read for me!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at  copy

An hour flew by and I had watched a lot of her tutorials and scrolled through so many pics of her amazingly fashionable ensembles! This website is full of hair and make up tutorials, lots of cute outfit ideas, links of where to get the looks and adorable pics of her son’s killer style!

I’m addition to checking out her blog be sure to also follow her on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook! Now head over there and see if you can master the ballerina bun!

Happy surfing!

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There’s nothing I love more in the summer than an evening at the beach!  Sundresses, bight coloured beach pails, beach towels, sand in the toes, splashing in the water…..it all never gets old!  I love all the bright colours that summer toys bring to the beach!  One of my favourite things to do is wander the seasonal toy aisles in Wal-Mart and Superstore just dreaming of how I could incorporate all of the colour into a shoot!  Chantel and I started our initial talks about this session in February after we wrapped up Jordyn’s Birthday shoot!

“How are we going to top last summer?”
“Let’s go to the beach!”

From there I started a Pinboard to give Chantel an idea of what I had in my mind and to help her pack for the session.  She did such a great job pulling together wardrobe and props that added to much to this session!  I love working together with my clients like this to create shoots that they are excited about!

We had a GORGEOUS and hot sunny day to spend at the beach last week!  I’m sure, as always we were lots of entertainment to those around us on the beach ;)  Jordyn, Jack and Ruby were pretty excited to be at the beach and it was hard to keep them from running into the water!  Eventually we gave in and got everyone into the water!  It was so great to catch up with this family!  It’s hard to believe Jack and Ruby are three already and Jordyn is getting ready to head into grade one!  It has been such a privilege getting to photograph them all year after year, I said to them as I was leaving that I forgot I was working and it just felt like an evening at the beach with my friends :)


Dufour_037 copy


Dufour_065 copy

Dufour_067 copy

Dufour_087 copy

Dufour_096 copy

Dufour_129 copy


Dufour_173 copy


Dufour_175 copy


Dufour_178 copy


Dufour_201 copy

Dufour_218 copy


Dufour_266 copy

Dufour_273 copy


Dufour_286 copy

Dufour_296 copy


Dufour_304 copy


Dufour_349 copy

Dufour_366 copy

Dufour_429 copy

Dufour_450 copy


Dufour_509 copy

Dufour_521 copy


Dufour_589 copy


Dufour_607 copy


Dufour_643 copy


Dufour_652 copy


Dufour_707 copy


Dufour_728 copy


Dufour_761 copy

Dufour_771 copy


Dufour_787 copy




Dufour_931 copy



Dufour_805 copy

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Jen L.

Love them all! So many amazing photos to choose from…great pictures of a beautiful family!


Love them! so bright and beautiful!


Love all of them!


Love these pictures of my beautiful family.Thank you Becky for such wonderful keepsakes of Jordyn, Jack and Ruby’s darling little faces.


I love this one! The wardrobe is top-knotch. Great job, mom! And I sense some sass in that little Ruby. This family has so much personality. I love it :).

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Web Wednesday: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Web Wednesday copy

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year!! The Nordstrom Anniversary SALE!

I LOVE Nordstrom, it’s one of my favourite department stores and I’ve already done a little damage at this sale!  It’s once a year so shop while you can!  Here are a few of my favourite brands to shop!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at  copy

Stem – GREAT clothes for kids and adults alike!  SO soft!

Lush – Great casual dresses and pretty tops!

Splendid – My uniform! Love love love!

Tory Burch – I live in flats!!

Hudson – who doesn’t love some good denim!

7 for all Mankind – more stellar denim!

I could go on and on, but that’s enough for now….go shopping!!!

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Web Wednesday: The Container Store

Web Wednesday copy

It’s no secret that I have an addiction to online shopping so some of my Web Wednesday links will most likely be to great places to do some online shopping!  This week the spotlight is on The Container Store!  This website is full of so many of my favourite things! Note pads, little boxes to for keeping every room of your house organized, tech accessories…and everything in pretty colours!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at  copy

Here are a few of my faves!

Head on over and be prepared to fill your shopping card with so many fun little treats!  And next time you’re in Minneapolis visit their brick and mortar store!!

Got a link you think I should know about!  Email me and your link might be featured on Web Wednesday!!!

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And I’ve been waiting such a long time For today

This weekend we head to the farm to take some new pictures of Austyn!  We set up some adorable Scout & Acadia paper garland in the trees and took some pictures in front of my favourite shed.  Austyn was so interested in the paper garland it was fluttering in the wind (err, getting tangled in the wind..opps!) behind her and she loved to turn around and admire the pretty colours! So much fun colour in this shoot!  Jayci brought  purse full of clothes for the shoot and happily picked out a Splendid Littles romper for her first outfit…how perfect and cute does it look on that pink chair and against the rainbow coloured garland?  Love it!

Austyn is such a happy little girl!  Her squeals, silly faces, hand clapping!  It’s so much fun watching this little one just do what she does!  I love it when she smiles with that cuttle little scrunched up face!


Elias_003 copy

Elias_043 copy


Elias_069 copy


Elias_117 copy

Elias_111 copy


Elias_141 copy


Elias_145 copy

Elias_184 copy

Elias_214 copy


Elias_282 copy

Elias_254 copy


Elias_317 copy

Elias_347 copy

Elias_393 copy


Elias_442 copy


Elias_474 copy


Elias_482 copy


Elias_496 copy

Elias_531 copy

Elias_536 copy

Elias_564 copy

Elias_601 copy

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Love this family!! What a happy little girl. ♥


What a sweetheart! Love them all!

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Web Wednesday: All the Pretty Pandas

Web Wednesday copy

Today’s Web Wednesday is for the Bachelor/ette fans! I am a die hard fan! Since the beginning I have loved to watch, read the breakup rumours about past couples and I even have to admit I LOVE to read the spoilers!

Today’s link (spoiler free!) is to the blog of Sharleen Joynt. Sharleen was a contest on the last season of The Bachelor (Juan Pablo) and she’s probably the smartest and one of the most stylish girls to ever grace the show. Now she has a fun little blog with lots of goodness! Her bachelorette recaps are filled with fun little behind the scenes scoop only a former contestant would know and includes a fun fashion recap of each episode. Another thing to check out that I loved was the episode by episode breakdown of all the outfits she wore on her season.

Favorite this one and be sure to check out her recaps every week!

P.S Who’s you’re fave of the final three dudes on Andi’s season? Leave a comment and let me know!! Team Chris!!

All the Pretty Pandas

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at  copy

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Definitely team Chris!


Farm Boy all the way!


TEAM CHRIS (after my lovely lovely Marcus was cut last week….AUGH that a shocker for me!!)

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The candy man can, he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

The idea for some kind of bubblegum themed shoot all started with me looking for something to put on my mantel.  Random hey?  I was looking for something colourful and quirky and after some searching I decided I needed a bubblegum machine.  Well that got me thinking…how can I work my new bubblegum machine into a shoot!?  I started to tell my friend Erika about my great idea to somehow grow a bubblegum orchard in a few short weeks….she texted me later that night with a picture of a wooden ladder that she had hunted down for me in one of her dad’s sheds and a message that said “YOU NEED A YOU PICK SIGN!” and I would say that was the moment that things just started snowballing for me and all the rest of the ideas just started flooding into my imagination!

I knew I wanted to offer this set as my first Limited Edition (One time only!) Daydream Mini Session.  I have been taking a little extra time this summer to relax and spend time with my family and I knew this was a great opportunity to get in a bunch of shoots and open up the opportunity for a Daydream Session to all of my clients.  My model for this session was 18 months but this set was designed with kids of ALL ages in mind.  Heck, i’d love to have my own picture taken in a candy paradise like this one!  Email me to book your session in the Bubblegum Orchard!

Now, back to the model.  My sweet little niece Stella is 16 months old!  We are having SO much fun this summer!  I spend as much time as I can with her on the weekends and I love watching all the things she is learning!  She is such a little Curious George, some of the pics in this session of her looking in pails just crack me right up, I loved watching her explore this set!

Well, enough chatter….welcome to The Bubblegum Orchard!!

Bubblegum Mini Facebook copy

Stella_018 copy


Stella_038 copy


Stella_046 copy


Stella_063 copy


Stella_070 copy

Stella_216 copy

Stella_080 copy

Stella_105 copy


Stella_115 copy


Stella_128 copy


Stella_160 copy


Stella_219 copy



Stella_245 copy

Stella_247 copy


Stella_286 copy

Contact me to book your own Limited Edition Bubblegum Orchard Mini Session!!

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Oh my word these pics are so much fun!! I love how Stella is eyeing the gumballs! What kid wouldn’t! What a fun idea


OH!!! I love everything about this! Some of Stella’s expressions are cute beyond words… Love this so much Becky! :)




“Ha ha, Ha ha, Ha ha” is all Stella says when she sees these. She remembers all the fun she has with Auntie Ha ha! Love them all Becky. Stella is so blessed to have such a special Auntie.

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So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun

It’s time to check back in with Reid and Beth!!  The morning of this shoot the weather looked pretty ominous so we moved the shoot up an hour in hopes to escape the rain!! When we were planning this session we wanted to find something that was lush and green!  So we head off to their uncle’s corn field.  As luck would have it, it had rained a lot before our shoot and it was muddy!  So after a few pics in the field set off to find something where they could move around a little more freely!  The great thing about our overcast morning was that we could stop wherever we wanted!  So we found a nice gravel road and stopped to finish up the session!

As usual these two were very fun!  Beth is growing up into such a little girl and it’s hard to believe Reid will go to school this coming fall!!!  It feels like yesterday he was two and we toured around his dad’s auto body shop.  Just like at that shoot where Reid got his soother as a surprise at the end of the shoot Beth got her’s as a surprise at the end of this shoot!  She was so happy!!!  It was so cute to watch.


Pauls_130 copy

Pauls_045 copy

Pauls_143 copy

Pauls_063 copy


Pauls_121 copy


Pauls_177 copy


Pauls_197 copy


Pauls_228 copy

Pauls_250 copy


Pauls_274 copy


Pauls_306 copy


Pauls_338 copy

Pauls_351 copy


Pauls_352 copy


Pauls_407 copy



Pauls_468 copy


Pauls_515 copy



Pauls_548 copy

Pauls_554 copy

Pauls_557 copy

Pauls_568 copy

Pauls_451 copy

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Love these. Each one made me smile bigger. You caught all their expressions beautifully!


Amazing pics! Love them all but the last 2 are definitely my fav!


Love them :)And the ones with her hot pink soother are TOO CUTE!

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