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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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You’re a beautiful baby from the outside in

A few weeks ago my bestie, partner in shopping crimes, roomie for many years, cousin and sister from another mister made me an auntie again!  Julie and Kyle welcomed Abby into their lives a few weeks ago and instantly our whole family fell in love with baby Abby!  The family has been preparing for Abby for months….Gramma sewing receiving blankets, Gramma Sue sewing nursery decor, Aunties Gina and Tracy filling up your closet and Stella helping by giving Auntie Juju name ideas 😉 I always joke that I have no advice and i’m not really any good help with babies….I just take pictures.  But hey, that’s important too because the rest of my family only takes photos with iPhones!

There’s something really special about watching your best friend become a mom, Julie is such a natural. As soon as she told me she was pregnant I knew that she was going to be an amazing mom because she has always had the most kind and loving nature, she is the type of person who is always willing to do things for her family and friends.  She has been preparing for this for years, always looking out for her younger brother Darrin and taking care of me when we lived together for many years….she taught me how to do laundry and clean, walked me around the university the day before my first day of school so I knew where to go and was always there to listen to me cry after a bad day.

We have walked together through hard times and happy times, been on so many shopping adventures, annual trips with our moms, family vacations together and now i’m so excited to watch her walk through mommyhood.  Our shoptailing (shopping + cocktails) party of two just became a party of three!  But no cocktails for Abby just yet! He he.  I sure think the stroller will be convenient when we have a lot of bags to carry 😉

 I could go on and on about how much I love Julie and how proud of her I am but we have pictures to get to!  Meet Abby!!

Abby_012 copy

Abby_024 copy

Abby_046 copy

Abby_085 copy

Abby_098 copy

Abby_111 copy

Abby_116 copy

Abby_121 copy

Abby_127 copy

Abby_136 copy

Abby_144 copy

Abby_146 copy

Abby_159 copy

Abby_163 copy

Abby_184 copy

Abby_200 copy

Abby_205 copy

Abby_221 copy

Abby_265 copy

Abby_271 copy

Abby_286 copy


Abby_340 copy


Abby_373 copy

Abby_417 copy


Abby_444 copy


Abby_476 copy

Abby_492 copy


Abby_534 copy

Abby_565 copy

Abby_607 copy


Abby_228 copy


Abby_250 copy

Abby_611 copy

Abby_613 copy

Abby_640 copy

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Auntie Gina

Abby you are so beautiful and loved by so many!! I love all the family pictures!


Thank you! Thank you for keeping me sane for 9 months, going shopping with me and for these amazing pictures! You do so much more than just taking pictures! We love Auntie Haha!

Kathy stevenson

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I still think she looks like mommy (Julie)
You guys are going to be great loving parents. Auntie kathy


Beautiful pictures.

Auntie Tracy

Great job Becky!! These pics are amazing! Such a beautiful family, that you captured perfectly!

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In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

We last saw Sawyer this winter at his 6 month shoot and now here he is again for his first birthday!  I went out to visit him and his parents a few weeks ago at their home just outside the city.  We explored around their yard where Sawyer let me know his favourite thing to do is sit on the riding lawnmower! He would have been happy to sit on it for the whole shoot but that might not have made for the best pictures! 😉  He also searched for pinecones and snacked on cherries and apples from  trees right in the yard!

This cutie is so much fun to photograph, those gorgeous blue eyes and those blonde curls, the camera just loves him!



Sawyer_012 copy


Sawyer_081 copy


Sawyer_291 copy


Sawyer_296 copy


Sawyer_306 copy


Sawyer_399 copy

Sawyer_460 copy

Sawyer_495 copy


Sawyer_504 copy


Sawyer_526 copy

Sawyer_539 copy


Sawyer_639 copy

Sawyer_648 copy

Sawyer_651 copy


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Mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

A month or so ago I posted a picture of a Polarn O. Pyret dress I was obsessed with on Instagram, I was dying to photograph a little girl in that dress!  Well when no one told me they were buying the dress…I bought the dress!  I couldn’t let this opportunity slip buy, I had to photograph it!    My sister is probably so sick of me already commandeering her daughter for photoshoots!  Especially when it entails me feeding her ice cream before bed…Sorry sister!

This photo shoot turned into Stella’s unofficial 2.5 year photos and I think it’s pretty perfect for her at this age since she LOVES ice cream or ice-eam in Stella speak.  She will show up at my mom’s house and at 10am say “I need some ice-eam” and well who doesn’t need ice cream at 10am?!  She has loved ice cream since she was little! Me and my mom were talking tonight about this picture we have of her eating ice cream in Mexico with my dad when she was 10ish months and she was staring up at him in awe like “this is the best thing in the world!”

Stella was SO fun at this shoot!  She loved eating “sparkles” (sprinkles) and would hop down off her chair and grab a handful and then eat them one by one.  So much for baking with those sprinkles! He he.  This was really the perfect kind of shoot to do with her at this age, not tootin’ my own horn but I do think she had fun and hardly noticed I was putting her to work as a model!

I hope you can see in these photos just how much personality she is full of!  She tells such great stories these days,  I love her at this age! I always say that two might not be fun to parent, but it sure is fun to be an auntie of a two year old!


Stella_013 copy


Stella_026 copy

Stella_029 copy


Stella_033 copy

Stella_053 copy


Stella_068 copy

Stella_070 copy


Stella_074 copy

Stella_076 copy


Stella_344 copy


Stella_094 copy


Stella_125 copy


Stella_141 copy


Stella_220 copy

Stella_250 copy


Stella_258 copy



Stella_336 copy


Stella_313 copy


Stella_323 copy


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Auntie Louise

Oh my goodness!! Those are SO adorable!! Love love the props!! Such a little sweetheart!!


Oh Becky! My most favourite! This shows Stellas spunky, silly, loveable personality perfectly. ♥♥


She’s so adorable. Love the sprinkle (sparkle) tossing!

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Over in the meadow by the stream in the sun

This session started with a quick rain shower, we hid for cover and watched that one big cloud pass over and in no time the sun was shining again!  These little ladies were a blast to photograph!  Charlie and her gorgeous blue eyes and Emma has such a sweet care-free nature about her, I loved capturing her running, jumping and picking flowers in the field!  It was pretty cute, while Emma was running and twirling, Charlie just chilled in the grass and crawled around pretty happy to do just whatever!

Can we talk for a second about just how cute the wardrobe was for this session?  When I was planning which chairs to bring along Andee sent me pics of the girls outfits and I may have let out a little squeal!  Those who know me know I love mixing patterns, bright colours, rompers and chucks…..check, check, check, check!  I knew this was going to look amazing!!


Genereux_175 copy

Genereux_240 copy

Genereux_114 copy


Genereux_125 copy

Genereux_150 copy

Genereux_187 copy

Genereux_282 copy

Genereux_311 copy


Genereux_285 copy

Genereux_321 copy


Genereux_345 copy

Genereux_367 copy

Genereux_357 copy


Genereux_455 copy

Genereux_511 copy


Genereux_613 copy


Genereux_790 copy


Genereux_870 copy


Genereux_706 copy

Genereux_712 copy


Genereux_888 copy

Genereux_905 copy

Genereux_933 copy


Genereux_886 copy

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