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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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This love will never fade away

Oooooh, this blog post is LONG over due, but i’m so happy to finally share these fun images!  Reid and Beth are always a blast to photograph and this time mom and dad even tagged along for some gorgeous family images!

Funny story about this shoot….Chad and Lyn told me they wanted to take me to some land they owned in the Pembina Hills, I was so excited!  I love it when clients take me to spots special to them!  So we were driving to the second spot and things started to look familiar and I realized it was the exact spot me and one of my besties had found last spring while scouting for locations!  We didn’t know who owned the land and didn’t know who to ask permission to shoot there so I didn’t think much about the spot again….well turns out I do know who owns the land!  What are the chances?!  I was so excited to shoot under the bridge where they come to fish….I can see a few more shoots happening here with this family because we still had so much exploring we could have done!


Pauls_097 copy

Pauls_295 copy


Pauls_076 copy


Pauls_140 copy

Pauls_185 copy


Pauls_146 copy

Pauls_257 copy

Pauls_270 copy


Pauls_346 copy


Pauls_544 copy


Pauls_555 copy


Pauls_601 copy


Pauls_824 copy

Pauls_682 copy

Pauls_711 copy

Pauls_726 copy

Pauls_737 copy

Pauls_705 copy

Pauls_775 copy

Pauls_786 copy

Pauls_857 copy

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Love this family! love the first and last family photos and all of the ones in between. Especially love the ones of Lyn with the kids.


Simply awesome.

Mom P

Those are absolutely beautiful pictures. Every single one. Love that family so much.


Love this family and all the pics! Reid is so handsome and looks way to grown up 😉 and Beth is such a doll! My fav. has to be the last one that is an awesome family pic!


Love these photos!!! <3


Adorable kids & great location!
Good work, Becky!

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The falling leaves drift by my window

At the beginning of October I met up with Craig, Lindsay and Emerson to update the family pics!  Last time we saw Emerson on the blog she had just turned one and she’s done some growing since then!  She was walking, talking and dancing up a storm at our shoot! We had fun exploring the surroundings and skipping rocks at this shoot.  It was little bit blustery that day but you would never guessed it….Emerson was such a trooper and was just happy to play…..as long as mom’s bag was close by.  She kept asking “bag? bag?” she must have known that’s where all the snacks were 😉


Emerson_003 copy


Emerson_020 copy

Emerson_046 copy

Emerson_094 copy


Emerson_101 copy

Emerson_111 copy


Emerson_132 copy


Emerson_155 copy


Emerson_160 copy

Emerson_177 copy

Emerson_232 copy

Emerson_266 copy


Emerson_276 copy

Emerson_297 copy

Emerson_320 copy


Emerson_365 copy


Emerson_332 copy


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Cause you are home to me

Lucky for me this is not the first time I’ve worked with this gorgeous couple!  Kara and I had the privilege of capturing their wedding two fall’s ago and here they are in front of my camera again getting ready to welcome a little babe!  It was so great to catch up with Chris and Heather again to capture another special stage in their lives!  We had a great time catching up and exploring one of my favourite parks on a warm October day! Heather looks so amazing with that baby bump, but I can’t wait to see these two cradling their new bundle of joy…soon!!!



Heather_035 copy


Heather_054 copy

Heather_062 copy

Heather_095 copy

Heather_128 copy


Heather_134 copy

Heather_152 copy

Heather_183 copy

Heather_215 copy


Heather_228 copy

Heather_252 copy

Heather_274 copy

Heather_309 copy

Heather_371 copy

Heather_393 copy


Heather_443 copy

Heather_453 copy

Heather_471 copy


Heather_520 copy


Heather_600 copy


Heather_626 copy

Heather_638 copy

Heather_651 copy

Heather_766 copy

Heather_777 copy

Heather_752 copy

Heather_663 copy

Heather_675 copy

Heather_713 copy

Heather_692 copy

Heather_703 copy

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Heather is so gorgeous! Beautiful couple, congrats guys!!

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But i miss you most of all my darling when autumn leaves start to fall

I’ve been so focused on getting galleries up so all my clients have time to place orders for Christmas that blogging has taken a back seat!  So that means blog posts are kind of out of order but once I have more time and Christmas orders are in I will go back and try to catch up!

This was one of my last outdoor family sessions this fall.  Once you hit mid October you really never know what you are going to get with weather so I usually try to have all my sessions with little ones wrapped up by then.  We lucked out on a GORGEOUS afternoon for my session with Phil, Ayli and Sammy!  We took advantage of the sunshine and walked through Steven Juba park and the surrounding area.

Sam was SO much fun….halfway through the shoot we were like old buddies and he was right by my side trying to help me take pictures and see what I shot….too bad he was supposed to be IN the photos and not taking them! Te he.  Ayli and Phil taught him my name before the shoot so he kept saying my name and taking my hand and trying to get me to sit on the blanket with him.  Too cute!  Sam also had some very special news to share at this shoot, he’s going to be a  big brother!!

Can you spot the dog in this photo??  The only type of dog you will ever spot in a B2 shoot….one painted in a mural! ha ha, those are safe in my eyes 😉


Sammy_005 copy

Sammy_020 copy


Sammy_026 copy

Sammy_055 copy

Sammy_327 copy

Sammy_206 copy

Sammy_331 copy

Sammy_237 copy

Sammy_238 copy

Sammy_240 copy

Sammy_250 copy

Sammy_306 copy


Sammy_259 copy

Sammy_269 copy

Sammy_275 copy


Sammy_399 copy

Sammy_445 copy

Sammy_417 copy

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