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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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I saw a shooting star and thought of you

Time to check in with Kingston!  Aka the Birthday Dude….or the almost Birthday Dude.  Last time we saw him he was a few months old and i’m sure you all remember his gorgeous at home newborn session.  Since then he’s gotten a smile full of teeth, some adorable curls, he’s standing and oh so close to taking some steps!  But one thing has not changed……he’s still one stylin’ little guy!

I had so much fun planning this backdrop! Something simple and clean, with a little pop of navy.  I knew his mom had carefully planned his room with lots of stars when he was a baby and that’s where I got the inspiration for the backdrop.

Kingston is SO sweet!  I loved watching him snuggle with his blanket and play with his toys.  He as the most gorgeous blue eyes they sparkle when he’s smiling and even when he’s not!  And those cheeks?!  C’mon!  Cutest ever!


Kingston_007 copy

Kingston_052 copy

Kingston_028 copy


Kingston_045 copy


Kingston_065 copy

Kingston_079 copy

Kingston_092 copy

Kingston_009 copy

Kingston_109 copy


Kingston_135 copy


Kingston_142 copy


Kingston_167 copy

Kingston_175 copy

Kingston_220 copy

Kingston_223 copy


Kingston_236 copy

Kingston_219 copy


Kingston_380 copy

Kingston_368 copy


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thank you becky!! i love them so much!! xo


oh my goodness, so cute!!

Grandma gerri

Awesomeness at its best!!


awehh such a cutie!!


oh Ashton!! he’s absolutley precious!


so precious – he’s just such a sweetheart!

Trish Loewen

so adorable! I’m in love with all of them!


Oh Ashton, he is soooo adorable! Love those star B, nice work!


the king is so cute!


I am the King, please bring me my grapes!

Gorgeous! Adorable! Perfect!


These are so sweet!! Love his little teeth :’)


he’s sooooo adorable!!


Adorable! I love them all!


Kingston is such an adorable wee boy! Love these pics!


All super adorable, I love his cute little smile in all the pictures!! You guys did a wonderful job!!


Papa’s favorite dude!

Erin thiessen

So sweet!! Great job Becky!!


Such a little cutie!! Love him!


Soooo cute! He is priceless!!

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Lean out and touch the tree tops over town

I’m sure you’ll remember this sweetie from her gorgeous at home newborn session last spring, well time to check in with Norah again because she turned one!!  I was SO excited when her mom emailed me to start planning her one year session because she wanted a shoot full of colour and fun!  We started throwing around some ideas and then she sent me a picture of a hot air balloon mobile she found on Pinterest that was the inspiration for Norah’s new room.  I check out the pin and thought “I can make that!” or “I can TRY to make that!”.  Well turns out I could!  And they made the cutest little hot air balloon backdrop!  Perfect for this little pilot flying away in her own hot air ballon wearing her pilots hat made just for her by her auntie!

Norah was quite the little super star!  She was so happy this whole session and was a lot of fun to capture!



Norah_037 copy

Norah_046 copy


Norah_074 copy

Norah_090 copy


Norah_206 copy

Norah_224 copy


Norah_252 copy

Norah_282 copy

Norah_330 copy

Norah_343 copy


Norah_375 copy

Norah_447 copy

Norah_421 copy

Norah_470 copy


Norah_494 copy


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All I need in this life is your crazy love

If you recognize this couple from a long long time ago on the blog you’re not mistaken!  Way back when I used to shoot weddings Britney and Kevin were one of my lovely B2 couples!  A few weeks ago I got the chance to catch up with them again!  On my way to Winkler one weekend I made a pit stop in Morris to visit them and guess what?!  They’re a family of three now!  Britney, Kevin and cute little Chip!  Britney won this years Love Day Giveaway and it was perfect timing…Chip was almost 6 months old for our shoot!  He is oh so sweet!  Doesn’t he have the cutest cheeks ever!


Chip_084 copy


Chip_087 copy

Chip_096 copy


Chip_133 copy

Chip_157 copy

Chip_177 copy

Chip_188 copy

Chip_211 copy

Chip_229 copy


Chip_306 copy

Chip_318 copy

Chip_358 copy


Chip_506 copy


Chip_526 copy

Chip_539 copy

Chip_551 copy


Chip_589 copy

Chip_643 copy

Chip_656 copy

Chip_661 copy

Chip_674 copy

Chip_681 copy


Chip_754 copy

Chip_789 copy


Chip_831 copy

Chip_837 copy

Chip_727 copy

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Love these photos!!! You did an awesome job capturing our little family!!

Lynne Manikel

Absolutely precious and adorable. You really captured the beauty and essence of family.

Arlene Rempel

Those are gorgeous pics. Love the family shot in front of fireplace,with Chip standing up. Looks like he really enjoyed being the star of the show.


Great job Becky!


Chip!! Those are great pictures, how will you choose which to put over the mantel!?!?!? Beautiful job.


These are really great photos. Love the looks and the family of course !


Beautiful photos of the Rempel family. The photographer has really captured the incredible love and bond that Kevin and Britney share together with Chip.


So cute!! Becky you did an awesome job!


So adorable! The pictures look amazing! Such a cute family!


These are really great! What a good job!


Oh my goodness, look at those cheeks! These pictures really capture the love they have for each other and fun personalities of Brit, Kev and baby Chip!


Very nice pics guys.


Adorable! What great family pictures.


Great photographs! What a beautiful family.


Wow! So sweet.

Jessica Mayor-Rodrigues

These pics are lovely! They really capture what a fun loving family this is.

Shawna & Kevin

Wow!!! Those are some precious pictures. Chip is growing up so fast, so good to capture these moments. What a beautiful family.


Very nice pics ! Love those chubby paws !!!


Wow ! Such nice pictures! Would love to hold that baby !!

Auntie J

How cute are these pictures??? Adorable, precious, handsome, pretty, oh ya did I mention cute cute cute… What a great way to build memories of your family. You “Kids” rock.
Love ya guys,
Joanne & Rob

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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind

And now for something a little different!  Time for some photos of my very good friend Amanda, the girl behind LOT 83 Art & Design!

I was talking with someone this weekend about looking for light in different places and I went to show her these pictures that I took and I realized I never blogged them!  *gasp*  They are so fun, so I dug out my archives to show these off!  Amanda and I shot these (believe it or not) in my garage!  It was a gorgeous September morning and we enjoyed this shoot between sips of Sangria (it was 5 o’clock somewhere!).

Anyone who was been in my house or seen pictures of my house, this is THE GIRL who put that colour that everyone asks about on my wall! (Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak FYI)  When we were going through the house building process she was there every step of the way to pick out paint colours and make sure all my selections matched.  She was a life saver!!!  Now she’s helping to turn our basement into Chris’s perfect man cave!  We took these pics as she prepared to launch her website for interior design and to show off her art.  This girls is talented!  After you’re done scrolling through these pics make sure you check out her website!!

Lot_83_Art_178 copy


Lot_83_Art_134 copy


Lot_83_Art_118 copy


Lot_83_Art_139 copy

Lot_83_Art_267 copy


Lot_83_Art_547 copy


Lot_83_Art_1009 copy


Lot_83_Art_395 copy

Lot_83_Art_1073 copy


Lot_83_Art_789 copy


Lot_83_Art_690 copy



Lot_83_Art_597 copy


Lot_83_Art_032 copy


Lot_83_Art_068 copy


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