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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Blowing kisses in the wind

It is always a pleasure to spend and evening shooting with Alisha and Julia!  This year, their dad had to be on the field so our family shoot turned into a girls night out!  We had a blast!  We switched things up this year and stayed in the city for our shoot mixing up a little urban and with a little natural.  The wind was sure blowing good that evening but we just embraced it, sometimes I love a picture when the wind is pushing hair across the face…there was no shortage of that this evening!

These gals always plan so carefully for their shoots!  I love it!  All the care they take in planning wardrobe, thinking about locations all show in the pics!



Suderman_080 copy


Suderman_090 copy

Suderman_110 copy

Suderman_194 copy

Suderman_242 copy

Suderman_266 copy

Suderman_270 copy


Suderman_319 copy

Suderman_336 copy

Suderman_352 copy

Suderman_405 copy

Suderman_452 copy

Suderman_493 copy

Suderman_548 copy

Suderman_551 copy

Suderman_574 copy

Suderman_590 copy


Suderman_704 copy

Suderman_626 copy

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Thanks Becky for capturing these for us!

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Dress up the sun, borrow a little bit of lovely

After a couple of cold and rainy weekends I FINALLY got the chance to take Stella out for some fall photos!  We head off to the family farm and Stella stomped down some corn rows in her Frye boots!!  The shoot was almost crashed by a farm cat…once she saw it Stella couldn’t stop talking about the cat.  Her dad told her the cat went to find a mouse and then she couldn’t stop talking about the mouse either.  ”Cat…..mouse….play”.  I guess she thought they were going to play together. Ha ha, not exactly!

Hard to believe this little cutie is 20 months already!  She is talking up a storm and has such a sweet personality!  She LOVES Sesame Street characters, playing “eat”, tractors, buses and she loves being entertainment for all her “peeps”.  Stella is such a little joy to our family!  Providing us with laughs and love when we need it most.  I’m thankful to be her Auntie and that we have such a special relationship!



Stella_065 copy


Stella_080 copy

Stella_105 copy


Stella_128 copy

Stella_130 copy

Stella_061 copy

Stella_169 copy

Stella_193 copy

Stella_204 copy

Stella_213 copy

Stella_234 copy

Stella_254 copy


Stella_262 copy

Stella_287 copy


Stella_322 copy

Yes, I bribe her with suckers :)

Stella_370 copy

Stella_395 copy

Stella_420 copy

Stella_422 copy

Stella_490 copy


Stella_524 copy

Stella_546 copy

Stella_464 copy

Stella_549 copy

Stella_552 copy

Stella_585 copy

Stella_608 copy


Stella_618 copy


Stella_649 copy

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Oh Becky! These are perfect. Thank you! You captured all Stella’s silliness perfectly!


Awww …those are so sweet!!

Aunty Melissa

Becky, these are fantastic…love this sweet family!


Love these pictures!


these are awesome pics! How do you pick a fav?!?!?!?

Susan Enns

Such awesome photos….love them all!
So glad you share them with your Great Aunt!!


Beautiful family pics! Stella is SO sweet!

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Two arms around me and a family that always calls me home

Being thanksgiving Monday I thought it would be a perfect fit to blog family pics for one of my friends that I am SO thankful for!  I LOVE my family shoots with Kara every fall!  She plans so carefully for them, wardrobe, hair, make-up…she goes all out to make this such a special occasion for her family.  One of my favourite things about taking photos for Kara is that I know these photos go to great use….they won’t sit on a USB in a drawer somewhere, she proudly displays them nice and large in her home and it makes me smile every time I go there!

What a difference a year makes, last year Ellen was running away from me last year and this year she was hamming it up for the camera!  Edith has definitely turned into her own little person too, such a little daddy’s girls and loving being held made it a little tough for us to get photos of her on her own.  Oh and then there’s Sarah, the little entertainer!  Those blue eyes and freckles, I always love any time I get to talk with this little lady.

We had cloud, sun, rain, the whole range of weather during this shoot….typical fall!  But we made the best of it!!! Enjoy!!!

Wieler_001 copy

Wieler_014 copy

Wieler_062 copy

Wieler_119 copy


Wieler_028 copy


Wieler_045 copy

Wieler_069 copy

Wieler_071 copy


Wieler_138 copy

Love this photo of Ellen!  Just basking in the sunlight….errr clouds ;)

Wieler_073 copy

Wieler_168 copy

Wieler_175 copy

Wieler_184 copy

Wieler_187 copy

Wieler_235 copy

Wieler_279 copy

Wieler_293 copy


Wieler_367 copy


Wieler_406 copy

Wieler_326 copy

Wieler_410 copy

Wieler_482 copy

Wieler_414 copy

Wieler_468 copy

Wieler_394 copy

Wieler_498 copy

Wieler_503 copy

Wieler_549 copy

Seriously??!! Too cute for words!!


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Oh my dear friend, you’ve done it again! These photos are so wonderful I could cry! Thank you for capturing our family year after year, I appreciate the time you spend with us and will love these images for decades. Can’t wait to fill my new frames ;). Love you!


Becky these are outstanding!! Kara you have a gorgeous family!


these look amazing!!!


WOW! What beautiful photos capturing such a beautiful family!!! Kara you look INCREDIBLE!!

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Crickets are singin’ and lightning bugs are floatin on the breeze

When we first started planning this shoot it was going to be a fall time shoot, but then a scheduling conflict came up and we quickly changed from thinking fall to thinking summer…..only problem was it was the wrong time of year to be shopping for summer wardrobe!  But after I started a pin-board for this shoot and after mom, Loralei and I had a wardrobe consult on the phone I knew this shoot was going to be amazing!  I love our “beach” shots from the end of this shoot…the colours, the leaves, the perfectly gorgeous evening….everything aligned just perfectly for us!  This weekend was definitely our last gasp of summer, we couldn’t have timed this shoot more perfectly!

Cailin is alway SO much fun to work with!  After shooting her for so many years she is really comfortable in front of the camera and makes my job so easy.  It’s always fun to see the changes from year to year and this year she just looked so grown up!  What a beauty!



Cailin_330 copy


Cailin_108 copy


Cailin_201 copy



Cailin_592 copy


Cailin_638 copy

Cailin_642 copy

Cailin_651 copy

Cailin_669 copy

Cailin_673 copy

Cailin_737 copy


Cailin_746 copy


Cailin_905 copy

Cailin_912 copy


Cailin_838 copy

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Gorgeous family! And I love her hat ;).

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