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a little about Becky

Hi there, I'm Becky! I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my husband Chris. I love Wikipedia, online shopping, true crime shows and General Hospital. I am inspired by rainbows, sprinkles, ice cream and all things colourful and sweet! Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Meet Becky

Boppin’ up and down in my little red wagon

You might have heard that quote about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes, well in my world that goes something like this “the photographer’s nieces wait the longest for photos”.  These are Abby’s 9 month photos and she was a good 11 months before I delivered them.  Oops!

This shoot started out with a few tears when Abby woke up from a quick little nap and wasn’t quite sure where she was.  We weren’t sure how things were going to go but she was smiling and laughing in no time when her mom pulled out the dance moves and singing!  Raffi always brings the smiles for Abby!  Lots and lots and lots of smiles from this little babe!


Abby_9Mos_363 copy


Abby_9Mos_266 copy


Abby_9Mos_314 copy

Abby_9Mos_344 copy


Abby_9Mos_451 copy


Abby_9Mos_464 copy

Abby_9Mos_480 copy


Abby_9Mos_497 copy

Abby_9Mos_519 copy

Abby_9Mos_530 copy

Abby_9Mos_607 copy

Abby_9Mos_626 copy

Abby_9Mos_640 copy


Abby_9Mos_662 copy


Abby_9Mos_703 copy

Love Abby’s SWEET teether?  Check out LouLou Lollipop!

I love the way you love me ’cause you love me like that

I can’t believe how much these two little ladies have grown up since the last time I saw them!  They’ve also taken on a new job since the last time I saw them….big sisters!  They’ve added a little brother to their crew and he is oh so cute and oh so loved by his big sisters!

We had a gorgeous evening in the park and we were even lucky enough to come across some lilacs that were still blooming!  YAY!  Hana and Leah love the camera!  It is so fun to see how they have changed…from running away from the camera to running to the camera and always ready to strike a pose!  Love it!


Simes_006 copy

Simes_119 copy


Simes_278 copy


Simes_287 copy


Simes_315 copy


Simes_373 copy

Simes_405 copy

Simes_456 copy


Simes_500 copy


Simes_524 copy


Simes_674 copy



I’m crossing new frontiers, living in a heart shaped world

I shared this on Facebook last week, but I’ll share it again for those of you that don’t follow me there….my first memory of Jyana is from the skating rink and she was just a baby at the time.  Her mom, Trish would bring her in to the rink and ask if someone could hold her while she went out to bring in the other girls. I always volunteered if I was there!  I have lots of memories of Jyana from when she was little….our first photo shoot together she was in pigtails and the cutest little Tommy Hilfiger pleated skirt….she was a cutie!  Always a little bit quieter than her big sisters but she had the cutest shy little smile for the camera! Here we are many years later and I am so lucky to capture her grad photos!!

It’s a really special thing to capture grad photos for someone you’ve watched grow up….knowing what a special time it is in their lives as they prepare to start on their next big adventure!  Jyana’s next big adventure is going to be university!  As much as grads must get sick of that dreaded question “what are you doing next year?”, I really love hearing the answers!  When Jyana told me she was going to study nursing it seemed like such a perfect fit for someone so kind, I could just picture her providing the most loving care for patients!  Anyone would be lucky to have a nurse like her someday!

We had such a fun mother-daughter evening touring around Winnipeg to a few of my favourite spots and one of Trish’s favourite spot (I love it when clients have location requests!).  Sometimes I can get a little carried away when i’m shooting grads….I could shoot for hours and hours with such gorgeous gals….it’s really nice to have subjects that don’t run away from me 😉

CONGRATS Jyana!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special memories for you!

Jyana_014 copy


Jyana_049 copy


Jyana_076 copy

Jyana_088 copy

Jyana_157 copy


Jyana_184 copy

Jyana_191 copy

Jyana_196 copy


Jyana_204 copy


Jyana_240 copy


Jyana_263 copy


Jyana_313 copy

Jyana_321 copy


Jyana_346 copy

Jyana_358 copy


Jyana_393 copy

Jyana_405 copy

Jyana_424 copy

Jyana_492 copy


Jyana_438 copy

Jyana_451 copy

Jyana_455 copy


Jyana_466 copy

Jyana_503 copy


Jyana_547 copy

Jyana_549 copy


Jyana_563 copy


Jyana_624 copy


Jyana_650 copy

Jyana_666 copy

Jyana_511 copy

Jyana_689 copy


Jyana_704 copy

Jyana_740 copy

Jyana_749 copy

Jyana_783 copy

Jyana_792 copy

Jyana_808 copy

Jyana_833 copy

Jyana_860 copy


Jyana_866 copy

Jyana_869 copy

Jyana_874 copy

Jyana_883 copy

Jyana_895 copy

Jyana_887 copy

Yeah, it’s all gonna fly in the blink of an eye

One of the wonderful things about growing up in a small(ish) town is the connections that you have with people.  You might not have spent oodles of time with someone but the connections that you have with them make it seem as though you’ve known them for years.  My connections with Hannah’s family are pretty strong.  Her dad taught me Sunday School and built my mom and dad’s house, her mom and my mom are great friends and worked at the hospital together, we’ve had a family photo shoot together, I’ve watched her in the Christmas play at church over the years, and i’ve heard all about her and her brothers adventures through my mom as they have grown up over the years.  This family has helping hearts! Hannah and her brother Caleb are always there to help my mom when she needs something in the yard, when my dad needed a railing installed in the garage Myron was there for us, and when my dad passed away I’ll never forget their kindness when they brought over homemade pizza to feed the family (yum!).  This is one great family, who is so easy to love.  When Barb and Hannah asked me to take her grad photos a whole year ago I was so flattered and SO excited to do something for them and make it so special!

Hannah was such a joy to spend time with for the evening.  She is easy going, relaxed, confident….beautiful inside and out!  When I asked if she was willing to sit down on a rock in her dress, her and her mom giggled and Hannah sat down and said, she’d do anything!  And i’m pretty sure she can, and will do whatever she puts her mind to going forward!  She has some big adventures in store!  After a summer working at a local dairy farm she’s off to Bible school in Europe and then off to study animal sciences with goals of being a vet.  This girl has goals and I love that!

Sit back, relax and get ready for a long blog post!  We piled into Barb’s vehicle and set out on an epic night of photo shooting!  We hit the road for the hills, Stanley Park and on the way I spotted a gravel pit which happened to be Hannah’s uncle’s so we got to stop there too!  On our drive I asked if maybe they knew of a pasture with some cows we could find…I thought it might be kind of a cool memory for Hannah of her high school job and would make for some REALLY cool photos!  So before he capped off the night we made a stop at the farm Hannah works at….love it!  She really was up for anything!!!

Congrats Hannah!  It was such a pleasure photographing you!!!

Hannah_014 copy


Hannah_063 copy

Hannah_075 copy

Hannah_153 copy


Hannah_229 copy



Hannah_336 copy


Hannah_366 copy

Hannah_396 copy


Hannah_454 copy

Hannah_461 copy


Hannah_495 copy

Hannah_505 copy

Hannah_523 copy

Hannah_538 copy

Hannah_553 copy

Hannah_560 copy

Hannah_601 copy

Hannah_672 copy

Hannah_702 copy


Hannah_736 copy

Hannah_826 copy


Hannah_830 copy

Hannah_836 copy

Hannah_921 copy


Hannah_978 copy

Hannah_986 copy

Hannah_1046 copy


Hannah_1072 copy

Hannah_1052 copy

Hannah_1081 copy


Hannah_1102 copy

Hannah_1119 copy

Hannah_1161 copy


Hannah_1186 copy

Hannah_1221 copy

Hannah_1226 copy


Hannah_1288 copy

Hannah_1315 copy

Hannah_1372 copy

Hannah_1475 copy


Hannah_1410 copy

Hannah_1335 copy


Hannah_1342 copy


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