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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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And she shines just like a star

A couple of weeks ago Emerson came over for some birthday and Christmas photos!  Last time we saw this cutie was in the summer and she sure has grown since then!  Once she had warmed up and gotten used to her surroundings she was full of giggles and cute little expressions!  Doesn’t she have the most gorgeous eyes??!

She LOVED the Christmas tree and probably would have been happy to play with ornaments the whole time.  She sure does look like she’s ready for Christmas doesn’t she?  I love her toque…maybe I could get one in my size ;)


Emerson_006 copy


Emerson_045 copy

Emerson_077 copy


Emerson_083 copy

Emerson_117 copy

Emerson_134 copy

Emerson_155 copy


Emerson_167 copy


Emerson_183 copy



Emerson_260 copy

Emerson_323 copy


Emerson_378 copy


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Thank you so much Becky! I love them!

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If my heart had wings I would fly to you

Jen, Phil, Lucie and Léa came over not that long ago for Léa’s six month photos!  Sweet little Léa reminded me a little bit of her big sister at her six month shoot with all the silly faces and expressions she made!  What a cutie, with such big gorgeous eyes!  Even though we were indoors for this shoot we were still able to incorporate so much colour into this shoot, some of it thanks to Léa’s granny who made her such a gorgeous quilt!

Of course I couldn’t resist getting some photos of Lucie too!  She is always SO silly!  I think I could be entertained all day by just watching her in her own little world!

Enjoy !!

La Rivière_013 copy


La Rivière_032 copy

La Rivière_043 copy


La Rivière_083 copy


La Rivière_130 copy

La Rivière_174 copy


La Rivière_186 copy

La Rivière_201 copy

La Rivière_218 copy

La Rivière_224 copy

La Rivière_240 copy

La Rivière_282 copy

La Rivière_293 copy

La Rivière_341 copy

La Rivière_350 copy

La Rivière_386 copy

La Rivière_419 copy

La Rivière_427 copy

La Rivière_482 copy

La Rivière_549 copy

La Rivière_572 copy

La Rivière_582 copy


La Rivière_590 copy

La Rivière_610 copy

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LOVE! Oh Becky… you worked so hard for this and like always, you worked your magic and the photos are amazing. Thank you so much! :)


These are gorgeous! Love all the color! Gorgeous little ladies Jen!


Hello Becky -my goodness, these pictures sure do make a granny and grandpa proud. Of course Becky, you’re talent is accentuated with each and every picture of these two innocent little beings! Fantastic!


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Right here beside me is the best place for you

What a beautiful fall day we had for Helga’s photos a few weeks ago!  It was a drastic difference from our frigid shoot last year, this year it was all sunshine and no flurries!

What a fun shoot we had wandering around Omands Creek Park throwing around leaves and Helga doing her best kitty cat impression (how cute is that head band?!).  It just kept getting better from there when it was time for a wardrobe change Helga showed me her adorable Livie & Luca leather boots, complete with dinosaur spikes in the back.  To die for!

Enjoy this playful session!!


Helga_070 copy

Helga_082 copy



Helga_157 copy


Helga_163 copy


Helga_260 copy

Helga_293 copy

Helga_301 copy

Helga_315 copy

Helga_327 copy


Helga_367 copy

Helga_415 copy



Helga_528 copy

Helga_546 copy

Helga_562 copy

Helga_587 copy

Helga_589 copy

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Bought a ticket to the joy parade and I ain’t jumping off of this happy train

I was so excited to meet up with Zoey and Easton for another shoot late this fall!  My shoots with this family are always super playful and fun!  Once again Colleen nailed the wardrobe selection for this shoot!  Everyone was looking cozy and festive!  And does Zoey’s dress come in my size??

Easton was sure a lot more mobile than he was at our last shoot!  He has turned one since we last saw him!  He’s looking as handsome as ever and has so many different faces to show off for the camera!

Zoey is turning 3 this month!!! TIME FLIES!!  Zoey is always so entertaining, she chatters up a storm and always works her charms on the camera! How perfect are her pretty curls that she gets from her mama <3



Colleen_009 copy


Colleen_019 copy

Colleen_068 copy


Colleen_103 copy


Colleen_090 copy

Colleen_093 copy


Colleen_117 copy


Colleen_313 copy


Colleen_241 copy


Colleen_257 copy


Colleen_287 copy


Colleen_330 copy



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