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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Two arms around me and family that always calls me home

Long time readers will recognize this family….the first family I ever photographed!  The original three sisters I worked with!  I have so many great memories working with them…..annual back to school sessions, grad photos and then newborn photos!  So beautiful and such naturals in front of the camera!  The first time we did “back to school” photos Jyana wasn’t even in school yet!  And now here she is entering her last year of high school, Abby is starting another year in university and well we’ve seen Ashton on the blog recently too….mom of Kingston….the family’s pride and joy!

On my drive home to the city after photographing the family I couldn’t help but think to myself what amazing girls John and Trish have raised.  They are always so friendly, kind and genuine! I truly enjoy my sessions with them because they have amazing personalities to match their gorgeous faces!


Loewen_581 copy


Loewen_035 copy


Loewen_054 copy

Loewen_075 copy


Loewen_241 copy

Loewen_213 copy


Loewen_300 copy

Loewen_329 copy

Loewen_401 copy

Loewen_347 copy

Loewen_431 copy

Loewen_498 copy


Loewen_620 copy

Loewen_512 copy

Loewen_631 copy

Loewen_641 copy

Loewen_548 copy

Loewen_711 copy


Loewen_726 copy

Loewen_748 copy

Loewen_160 copy

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love these photos! xo thank you


Great job Becky!! I just can’t stop looking at these. Awesome!!

Ben Buhler

Looking good!


Beautiful family!


you are too sweet becky! thanks for the photos!


awe love!! thanks Becky!


what a good looking bunch! love them!


love!!! thank you so much!!

Mari Loewen

Wow…My phone just exploded!! These gorgeous people are my family!! Yes my nieces are lovely and Kingston Crew…Well he is a King and there’s nothing just nothing he can do about it!!!

Great job Becky!! xo Mari & Bella.

Alicia Sawatzky

Wow these are stunning!! Beautiful family ❤️


beautiful family!!


Absolutely stunning!


Nice pictures

Emily Enns

This is absolutely stunning! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!


Beautiful family

Marilyn buhler

Amazing pictures!! Love this family! Every picture is beautiful!!

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Nothing’s better than spending time together

I previously had the chance of working with Robin and Dan before they were married on a promotional shoot, they were such great models!  When Robin emailed me to take some family photos of them and Matteo I was so excited to work with them again!  Matteo is just so sweet!  Those big eyes just kind of make you melt and he has eyelashes most girls would kill for!  He also loves to (try to) snack on rocks!  Lol.  He is a persistent little dude and even when mom took them away he went right back in there for more!  What a cutie!


Grasso_028 copy

Grasso_008 copy

Grasso_010 copy


Grasso_037 copy

Grasso_046 copy

Grasso_051 copy

Grasso_055 copy


Grasso_125 copy

Grasso_165 copy

Grasso_248 copy


Grasso_287 copy

Grasso_318 copy

Grasso_476 copy


Grasso_512 copy


Grasso_580 copy

Grasso_587 copy

Grasso_654 copy

Grasso_692 copy


Grasso_696 copy

Grasso_548 copy

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Dan Friesen

Great pictures of great subjects

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There’s a party goin’ on right here

A few weeks ago I met up with Rich, Marcia and Finley on a very special occasion!  Mom & dad’s 14th anniversary! WOW!  How special that they chose to spend their anniversary with me taking family photos!  Of course we had to do something special to mark the occasion so Marcia brought along some lovely cupcakes from Lilac Bakery, some sparklers and some lemonade for a toast!  We lit the sparklers and sang “happy anniversary to you!” and Finley was in a trance just watching the sparklers, it was so cute! Nothing could break her concentration!

The last time we saw Finley it was for her first birthday and she sure has turned into a little lady since then!  I had a blast capturing these three together as a family, I had so many great, playful shots of the three of them together than I had such a hard time choosing which ones to share!  I love that Finley showed me so many different sides of her personality at this shoot!  Those little sly grins, big grins, giggles….and there was maybe a pout or two in there too but those are equally fun to capture!

Of course Finley came to the shoot stylin’ in her new Chucks!  Marcia carefully planned Finley’s wardrobe and we shared a few texts and emails in the planning stages and it all paid off…how cute does she look?!


Finley_036 copy

Finley_005 copy


Finley_082 copy


Finley_107 copy


Finley_130 copy

Finley_143 copy


Finley_145 copy

Finley_154 copy

Finley_177 copy


Finley_202 copy


Finley_250 copy

Finley_326 copy


Finley_298 copy


Finley_267 copy

Finley_405 copy

Finley_368 copy

Finley_447 copy

Finley_453 copy


Finley_527 copy

Finley_794 copy


Finley_546 copy

Finley_580 copy

Finley_669 copy

Finley_679 copy

Finley_684 copy

Finley_765 copy

Finley_733 copy

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Great pics, guys!


Aw. I love them Becky! Thanks again for celebrating with us! I think I may make this an annual tradition :)


gorgeous photos! Happy Anniversary!


These are just wonderful! Beautiful family.

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Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you

I always look forward to my shoots with Alisha and Julia!  They have usually spent some time browsing the blog and have a pretty good idea of what type of locations they want for their shoot.  This year they had a specific request….”the viney building”.  My FAVORITE!  I love this spot and was so happy they chose it!

After that we head to a treed path for some more pics and the mosquitoes followed us.  ALL the mosquitoes in the world followed us!  Or at least that’s what it felt like!  These girls are such troopers I didn’t hear one single complaint about the bugs!

As always they pulled together some perfectly coordinated outfits with awesome shoes!



A&J_104 copy

A&J_019 copy

A&J_022 copy


A&J_107 copy

A&J_111 copy


A&J_177 copy


A&J_211 copy


A&J_245 copy

A&J_257 copy

A&J_264 copy

A&J_303 copy


A&J_312 copy

A&J_323 copy


A&J_342 copy

A&J_363 copy


A&J_430 copy

A&J_448 copy


A&J_675 copy

A&J_722 copy

A&J_738 copy

A&J_770 copy

A&J_498 copy


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