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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Over in the meadow by the stream in the sun

This session started with a quick rain shower, we hid for cover and watched that one big cloud pass over and in no time the sun was shining again!  These little ladies were a blast to photograph!  Charlie and her gorgeous blue eyes and Emma has such a sweet care-free nature about her, I loved capturing her running, jumping and picking flowers in the field!  It was pretty cute, while Emma was running and twirling, Charlie just chilled in the grass and crawled around pretty happy to do just whatever!

Can we talk for a second about just how cute the wardrobe was for this session?  When I was planning which chairs to bring along Andee sent me pics of the girls outfits and I may have let out a little squeal!  Those who know me know I love mixing patterns, bright colours, rompers and chucks…..check, check, check, check!  I knew this was going to look amazing!!


Genereux_175 copy

Genereux_240 copy

Genereux_114 copy


Genereux_125 copy

Genereux_150 copy

Genereux_187 copy

Genereux_282 copy

Genereux_311 copy


Genereux_285 copy

Genereux_321 copy


Genereux_345 copy

Genereux_367 copy

Genereux_357 copy


Genereux_455 copy

Genereux_511 copy


Genereux_613 copy


Genereux_790 copy


Genereux_870 copy


Genereux_706 copy

Genereux_712 copy


Genereux_888 copy

Genereux_905 copy

Genereux_933 copy


Genereux_886 copy

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It’s a smile, it’s a kiss It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime

A few weeks ago on one hot and humid night I met up with Mackenzie, Owen, Kelly and Greg for some fun family photos!  Believe it or not it’s been over a year since the last time I photographed this family, the longest time we’ve ever gone without a shoot!!  But they had some big projects going on last summer including building their new dream home!  We haven’t skipped a beat though, they came in their perfectly coordinated looks (those who have talked wardrobe with me know i’m all about coordinating not matching 😉 ) ready to rock this family shoot!  Owen was still just as crazy as ever, keeping me on my toes, running away whenever he got a chance…exactly what I expect of little boys his age at a photo shoot ha ha.  Mackenzie sure has grown into a little lady, posing it up in front of the camera like a pro.  But really…after so many shoots together she really is a pro!!

We head to one of my favourite locations, Fort Gibraltar and I also loved that they were game to stop a building I have been eyeing right nearby to there.  I LOVE a classic white brick building!

What a great summer evening we had together!  Enjoy!!


Epp_047 copy


Epp_025 copy


Epp_075 copy

Epp_127 copy

Epp_138 copy


Epp_158 copy

Epp_164 copy


Epp_209 copy

Epp_318 copy

Epp_328 copy

Epp_226 copy

Epp_290 copy

Epp_334 copy

Epp_355 copy

Epp_376 copy

Epp_424 copy


Epp_563 copy

Epp_466 copy

Epp_484 copy


Epp_542 copy

Epp_500 copy

Epp_517 copy

Epp_589 copy

Epp_620 copy


Epp_573 copy

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Yay yay yay! Love ’em!
Thanks, Becky! <3


Beautiful family….beautiful photos!


These photos are amazing. I love them all!

Loralei Douglas

Love, love, love the pics! Will be hard to choose your favourites I’m sure!!!

Lisa Mowat

These are such great pics! Love them all!

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With nothing but tall pines and my hand to hold

A few weeks ago I went to visit the Mowat’s at their new homestead!  I was so excited to explore around their new yard and shoot in amongst the big tall trees!  Much to my delight they had hung some super fun Edison Lights in the trees to add a little something to the shoot…it was perfect!  It was a super hot day so after we had some pics outside in the trees we head inside for a break from the heat and for some photos around the new place.

I always love my shoots with this family!  Kane is always so expressive in front of the camera and Rylee, man those blue eyes, the camera just loves them!!



Mowat_028 copy

Mowat_032 copy

Mowat_054 copy


Mowat_064 copy

Mowat_082 copy

Mowat_186 copy


Mowat_113 copy

Mowat_220 copy

Mowat_224 copy

Mowat_334 copy


Mowat_341 copy


Mowat_350 copy

Mowat_383 copy



Mowat_420 copy

Mowat_498 copy


Mowat_504 copy

Mowat_511 copy

Mowat_532 copy


Mowat_632 copy

Mowat_635 copy

Mowat_649 copy

Mowat_667 copy


Mowat_675 copy

Mowat_685 copy

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Lisa Mowat

Awe Becky! I love them! You always capture the kids just perfectly and it’s like I’m seeing our yard and house for the first time all over again! The hashtag stands!: #themowatsloveb2photography We can’t wait until our next shoot! LOVE!!

Tara Menzul

Such great photos, hard to choose one I like best. Amazing pictures of a beautiful family.

Marilyn Mowat

Just beautiful pics. You’re so right Tara, it’s hard to choose one that I like the best. They’re all so good.

Ryan Gravito

Looking great guys!

Tracy Radcliffe

AMAZING photos Mowat family !! You all look great. Some of the photos look like they would be right out of a magazine. Your home is beautiful.
Great job done by the photographer

Margaret Domanski

These photos are amazing! They are so natural and beautifully done. They should be in a magazine. Gorgeous family.

Erin Fraser

Wow what beautiful family photos! Captured so perfectly.

Jay Mowat

Thank you for coming out to our home and taking such great pictures. It was a fun day.

Barbara MacDonal

Wow what great pictures, talented photographer with great subjects to work with makes Magical Pictures

Reta Heintz

Beautiful family and beautiful pictures. Job well done photographer!


Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!

John DaSilva

Such a beautiful family. Inside and obviously on the outside !

Beautiful pics Mowat family

Irene Gravito

Pictures are all amazing! I would choose all of them!

C & S Mowat

Beautiful photos!!!! The kiddos are just so cute! Your place looks beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest of it :)


Awe, I love these! Especially the outdoor shots with the trees, love how Ry looks like a fair haired Lis :)

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oh what a beautiful life

A few weeks ago I went over to Dustin and Ashton’s place to meet Kingston!  Ashton and I go waaaaay back – I taught her skating lessons, worked with her mom and took back-to-school pictures of her and her sisters every year back in the day.  So far back that our first shoot together was back in the film days.  Long time blog readers might even recognize her from really old blog posts.  It’s pretty special anytime you get to photograph life events for anyone you know and this shoot was just that, so special.  Dustin and Ashton were so sweet to watch with Kingston – calm, patient, soft speaking, all of their actions coming out of pure love for their new baby boy.  What a gorgeous little family…parenthood looks good on these two!

Kingston stayed awake for a good portion of this shoot but after a while, he gave into sleep…maybe it was the lull of the rain and rolling thunder outside…or maybe it was the coziness of being in his dad’s arms.  That was probably it 😉

Kingston is so cute…his big round eyes and the hints of red in his hair, he is sure to be a heartbreaker!


Kingston_018 copy


Kingston_025 copy

Kingston_087 copy

Kingston_114 copy

Kingston_167 copy


Kingston_235 copy

Kingston_245 copy


Kingston_293 copy

Kingston_310 copy

Kingston_379 copy


Kingston_391 copy


Kingston_462 copy

Kingston_514 copy

Kingston_523 copy


Kingston_592 copy

Kingston_602 copy


Kingston_623 copy


Kingston_645 copy

Kingston_648 copy

Kingston_656 copy

Kingston_658 copy


Kingston_659 copy

Kingston_669 copy


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So precious!


These are some of my fav newborn photos Becky! What a beautiful family Ashton!

Lori D.

Beautiful family and photos!!


stunning photos Becky!
I’m so in love with that little guy! ♡


soo precious!!


thank you so much for capturing these sweet moments becky!! we are so in love with these photos!!


so beautiful!


Ashton!! You and your family are so so beautiful!! Such a sweet little baby boy!

Kim S

You have such a beautiful little family! PS Ashton you are GORGEOUS!

Emily E

These are absolutely beautiful! Picture perfect family!

Grandma gerri

Such beautiful pictures. So proud of my very first great grand son!!
Great job, Becky.

Jayda W

So adorable!!

Alicia Sawatzky

aweee soo adorable!

Jenna Penner

So beautiful!! ❤️


Looks great, just like his great grandpa.


Beautiful family!


Absolutely stunning family!!!!


Beautiful pictures!

Lynne Wiebe

so gorgeous!!

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