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Hi there, I'm Becky! I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, photographer, Starbucks addict and iPhone lover. Welcome to my blog! Here you'll find images from all my most recent photography adventures with my fabulous clients. Take a look around and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch using the contact form, I would LOVE to take your photograph!

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Suddenly, you’re mine and it’s brighter than sunshine

It does not feel that long ago that we met Easton at his newborn session and it’s already time for his six month photos!  We found shelter from the Winnipeg cold in a downtown studio and captured Easton and all his rolly polly goodness!  Those cheeks, those legs, those big big eyes!  What a cutie!  As always, big sister Zoey was so entertaining!  Running circles around us (literally) and twirling and and out of photos!

Big props to mom Colleen who coordinated their outfits so perfectly!  When she texted me a photo of their outfits I just knew the black and white with pops of yellow would look amazing against the white backdrop of this studio!  I always say “don’t match, coordinate” and this right here is coordination at it’s finest!

On to the photos of this sweet family, enjoy!!

Easton_077 copy

Easton_071 copy


Easton_080 copy


Easton_143 copy


Easton_148 copy

Easton_250 copy

Easton_252 copy

Easton_271 copy

Easton_298 copy

Easton_500 copy

Easton_773 copy

Easton_306 copy


Easton_317 copy

Easton_746 copy

Easton_362 copy

Easton_425 copy


Easton_521 copy


Easton_705 copy


Easton_536 copy


Easton_578 copy

Easton_581 copy

Easton_593 copy

Easton_640 copy

Easton_652 copy

Easton_672 copy

Easton_676 copy

Easton_691 copy

Easton_741 copy

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Colleen H-squared

Awwww . . . love em! Thanks for doing a wonderful job once again Becky! You’re the best :D


Love the studio!! Gorgeous family!!

Margaret Hammell

Those yellow splashes are so sunny!


Love their outfits! Love the location, great job B!

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You’re all mine, anyplace I go you feel like home to me

Last month I went to meet sweet little Taylor!  Taylor is a little sister to Ryleigh who you may remember seeing on the blog a couple years ago.  During Ryleigh’s newborn shoot she had the cutest little hat with antlers and not to be outdone by her big sister Taylor had her very own special hat for the shoot…a Minnie Mouse hat!  How cute?!  The hat may have been influenced by her big sister who LOVES Minnie Mouse!  Ryleigh even pulled out her Minnie Mouse camera during the shoot to help me out with any shots I may have missed ;-)

This was such a fun and relaxed session I so enjoyed my time with this little family and I hope you all enjoy the pics!!

Taylor_017 copy

Taylor_103 copy


Taylor_139 copy


Taylor_151 copy


Taylor_203 copy

Taylor_218 copy

Taylor_235 copy

Taylor_275 copy

Taylor_304 copy

Taylor_306 copy

Taylor_319 copy

Taylor_051 copy

Taylor_328 copy

Taylor_344 copy

Taylor_358 copy

Taylor_380 copy

Taylor_391 copy

Taylor_411 copy

Taylor_425 copy

Taylor_433 copy

Taylor_439 copy

Taylor_446 copy

Taylor_456 copy

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These are awesome! I love Ry’s pigtails!


Thanks so much Becky!! Such great shots of Taylor and her big sister! :)


I love ALL of them! Going to be hard to choose. So precious.


Wow, Taylor has grown! Proud of my little cute nieces. Great photos!


OMG so cute!


What a gorgeous family!!


What a cutie pie…and such a beautiful little family :)

Susan Enns

Such angels you have Jana and Stef…thank you for sharing the photos. Becky’s sister (Gina) is my niece!


Love my little nieces!!


Beautiful! Great job Becky!

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I smile just because I’ve got a city love

Back in February I met up with the Epp family to mark Owen’s 4th birthday…time flies!  In an attempt to escape the Winnipeg winter somewhere warm we hit up the Millennium Library, which always makes for a fun photo shoot. Places to explore, books to read and an elevator that kids always LOVE to watch!


Owen_4yr_006 copy

Owen_4yr_008 copy


Owen_4yr_020 copy

Owen_4yr_082 copy


Owen_4yr_087 copy

Owen_4yr_154 copy

Owen_4yr_140 copy

Owen_4yr_171 copy

Owen_4yr_194 copy

Owen_4yr_208 copy


Owen_4yr_282 copy


Owen_4yr_299 copy

Owen_4yr_343 copy


Owen_4yr_392 copy

Owen_4yr_418 copy


Owen_4yr_463 copy

Owen_4yr_481 copy

Owen_4yr_525 copy


Owen_4yr_564 copy

Owen_4yr_569 copy

Owen_4yr_577 copy

Owen_4yr_588 copy


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Colleen H-squared

An AWESOME photoshoot of the Epps!

Lisa Mowat

Great pics as always!! Love the outfits. :)


Thanks Becky! Love ‘em like always!

Elizabeth Heuchert

Great pictures!

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And the heavens open every time she smiles

Meet Harper!  This blog post has been a long time coming, so i’m not going to waste too much time before I get to the pictures!

This sweet little lady took my breath away the moment I met her….all that hair, her eyes and she gave me so many smiles and sleepy yawns!!  What a sweetie!  You might recognize her parents, Cory and Lauren as a couple whose wedding I photographed back in the day when I still shot weddings through B2, they are such a fun couple and I couldn’t wait to see them as a family of three!  Well…..I guess they are a family of 4 if you include their dog Kona, whom they were kind enough to hide from me ;)


Harper__015 copy


Harper__377 copy

Harper__073 copy

Harper__077 copy

Harper__117 copy

Harper__120 copy


Harper__139 copy

Harper__156 copy

Harper__180 copy

Harper__229 copy


Harper__412 copy

Harper__399 copy

Harper__405 copy

Harper__272 copy

Harper__289 copy

Harper__308 copy

Harper__313 copy

Harper__323 copy

Harper__327 copy

Harper__333 copy

Harper__344 copy

Harper__351 copy

Harper__363 copy

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Aw, very sweet! Congrats guys!
And as always, good job, Becky!


What a cutie! Congratulations!
Beautiful pics Becky.


Oh my gosh she’s beautiful! And the pictures are amazing as per usual. Congrats Cory and Lauren!


Beautiful photos! She’s adorable.


She truly is absolutely beautiful..and growing so fast!! Luv the little peanut to pieces!!

Joan & Bob Fletcher

Becky the pictures are lovely. As with Lauren & Cory’s wedding photos you have captured the special moments so well. Great job!!

Joan & Bob Fletcher

Becky the pictures are lovely!! As with Lauren & Cory’s wedding photos, you have captured some special moments. Great job!!

Alice Young

Harper is truly a beauty :) Cory and Lauren you are so very blessed and I know she will bring a lifetime of wonderful moments to your world that has now forever changed !!! Love,”Oma”.

Becky…thank you for capturing Harper in such unique poses; you have a great talent!!!

Diane Holzschuh

So precious. Congrats to you all. Love the pics of the family!

Great Aunt Patti and decent Uncle Simon

WOW! Really stunning photos of some pretty amazing people and one beautiful new baby girl.

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She’s much too sweet and she’s always gonna be

3 months is one of my favourite ages to photograph so I was super excited to go and visit Austyn for some 3 (and a half) month photos in February.  This little sweetie is so entertaining…she talks a lot with her sweet little voice, she’s so easy to make smile and she loves to eat those little fingers!  She is just SO sweet!!  If you remember mom and dad’s maternity photos you will see that this little miss sure did get her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes!!

The gorgeous quilt Austyn is lying on at the end of the shoot was made by Road 17 N and it’s beautiful!!  Check out their Facebook page to see all kinds of goodies she offers at her store.  I LOVE  a gorgeous quilt for these ages where babies will stay where you put them! lol.  Adds such a gorgeous pop of colour and adds something that’s unique to your child! Stay tuned for info on how you can get your hands on one of your own for a baby shoot!

Austyn_012 copy
Austyn_018 copy
Austyn_039 copy
Austyn_066 copy
Austyn_079 copy
Austyn_119 copy
Austyn_129 copy
Austyn_183 copy
Austyn_219 copy
Austyn_225 copy
Austyn_261 copy
Austyn_262 copy
Austyn_275 copy
Austyn_302 copy
Austyn_322 copy
Austyn_323 copy
Austyn_350 copy
Austyn_358 copy
Austyn_411 copy

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What a cutie! And always so happy. Great job Becky.


She is such a sweetie pie! Beautiful bright eyes!

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Web Wednesday – SugarSCOUT

Web Wednesday copy

I have had a long standing love affair with the internet since about 1998 when I asked for a modem for my 15th birthday (for real).  Since then i’ve finished the internet a time or two and found a lot of fun and useful websites in the process and this is my chance to share them with you!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.11.57 PM

This week i’m happy to feature the lovely little Etsy shop, SugarSCOUT that I found thanks to one of my friends!  Last fall Kara brought along a gorgeous knitted blanket to her shoot that she picked up from these lovely gals and i’ve followed SugarSCOUT ever since.  This winter when I was looking for bar stools a Google search happened to bring me a listing in the SugarSCOUT Etsy shop for custom painted bar stools.  Sign me up!  Stacy and Sara were so wonderful to work with – they took my colour swatches and custom painted three of the most fun stools ever, packaged them up so carefully and sent them on their way home to my kitchen!

Check out their Blog and their Etsy store for all kinds of sweet finds!  Their store is a great resource if you’re looking for home decor, furniture, photo shoot props or sweet vintage goods.

Radtke_002 copy

Radtke_009 copy

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Yah! Web Wednesday is back! And the stools look awesome!


They turned out soo good! Love the mixed media look of the modern twist on a vintage tolix!

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Love Day Giveaway – the winner is….

Well, the 3rd Annual Love Day Giveaway was just as exciting as the first two!  I loved reading your entries and was happy to see comments come in from old fans and new fans!  I can only draw one winner but I still hope to see many of your names in my inbox when it comes time for planning summer sessions!

Now the part everyone is waiting for….. out of my cupcake cookie jar I pulled one lucky name…and the winner is…

Mary K!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!  

Want to book a summer session?  Keep an eye on the blog for a summer booking annoucement coming in the next couple of weeks!  Don’t want to miss it? Sign up for my newsletter!



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Baby you, you got my only heart

Photo shoots for kiddos with winter birthdays sometimes requires a little bit of extra creativity!  We had so much fun with Lucie’s Celebration Session last year that we decided to plan another fun one this year.  After a few emails back and forth we picked out two backdrop ideas – balloons and a flower garland. Who doesn’t love balloons?!  Balloons are such a staple decoration for those early birthdays and we just loved how they worked for this backdrop!  Jen also picked up a flower garland from Lille Syster  on Etsy.  Jen sent me a fun little text today telling me after the shoot the garland was used as a birthday decoration at Lucie’s birthday party and now when she she’s it she calls it “Lucie’s Becky flowers”  Awe, what a cutie!

Lucie has such a fun personality!  I was warned she might be a little shy to start, but there was no shy-ness at all!  We had a grand time!  Playing with squishy toys, reading books and playing peek with Lucie’s best bud Sheepie!  I can’t wait to see Lucie again in a few months in her new role as big sister!  I’m sure she will be just as entertaining when she’s introducing me to her new bro or sis!


Lucie_093 copy

Lucie_098 copy

Lucie_084 copy


Lucie_157 copy


Lucie_195 copy

Lucie_199 copy


Lucie_340 copy

Lucie_342 copy


Lucie_345 copy

Lucie_352 copy

Lucie_376 copy


Lucie_383 copy


Lucie_568 copy



Lucie_476 copy


Lucie_618 copy


Lucie_636 copy

Lucie_646 copy

Lucie_434 copy


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Best ever! Love. Love. Love.

Marie Lundin

Becky, you are a magician with a camera! These pictures are soooo good! You’ve totally captured Lucie-Lou’s michievous personality. I love them all! Keep up the great work!


What a little sweetheart! Looks so much like her mom as a little girl!
Good job!

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